Using PCs

Library PCs

PCs Available for Searching

  • You can search for library books and articles, and use the Internet.
  • Access is restricted to:
    • Library Website
    • Databases, e-journals, and e-book sites linked from the library website
    • Japanese University websites
    • Some off-campus sites (search sites, etc.)

        Any other attempt to access the site will result in an error.
        When you find problems, such as not being able to see the website 
        which is supposed to be accessible or images not being displayed, 
        please contact us at or via our comment form.

  • You can save data onto USB memories.
  • You can print to paid printers. → Using a paid printer/location map in Central library (PDF 511KB)
    • Fees
      • Brack & White: \10/page, Color: \70/page
    • Location of Paid printers
      • Central Library: Main Library, 2nd floor (1 unit) and 5th floor (1 unit) -> Floor map
      • Art and Physical Education Library: 2nd floor (1 unit) -> Floor map
      • Medical Library: 1st floor (1 unit) -> Floor map
      • Library on Library and Information Science: 1st floor (1 unit) -> Floor Map
      • Otsuka Library (Tokyo Campus): (1 unit) -> Floor map
  • Free printing service ended around mid-February 2024. If you have a Zengaku computer account, please use Zengaku (Campus-Wide) Computers and printers.