Requesting Books and Articles

Article Copy Delivery from Other Libraries (Paid Service)

Requesting Article Photocopy Delivery from Other University Libraries

Even if the University of Tsukuba Library does not hold the article you are looking for, you may still have a chance!
If the journal carrying the article is held by in the library of other universities or organizations, you can have photocopies (on paper) delivered.

Fee and time till delivery
Delivery within Japan: the actual fee for photocopying and transportation (\30-\50/page + \80-\200) | Delivered in about 1 week
Delivery from overseas: not determined; several thousand to \10,000? | Delivered in about up to 2 months
*For payments with university expense, see “Home>Services (Library Guide)>Using Research Funds for Library Payments”
Photocopying of the library material will be done within the bounds of the Copyright Law, and may not be available for some materials.Copyright Law Compliance

Article Photocopy Delivery Procedure

Step 1. Make sure the article is not held by the University of Tsukuba. (Check article information)

Search the article on Tulips Search and the database.

If the article is not available for online browsing, or the library does not hold the journal carrying the article→the Tulips Linker screen appears!

Reconfirm the details of the article.

Step 2. Select application method

Apply Online

★ Payment with private expense → “Article copy/book loan online application user registration (private expense)” from “My Library” is required in advance.
★Payment with university expense → Budget registration and library web service registration are required in advance → See “Home>Services (Library Guide)>Using Research Funds for Library Payments”

Click Apply for “ILL Photocopy” on the Tulips Linker

Enter your user ID (13 digit) and password (no need if already logged in)

Fill in the application page
★Entering precise and detailed information will help you get the article faster.

  • One application per article.
  • Articles that are printed over several issues, such as special features, require a separate application for each issue.
  • Serial articles etc. require separate application if published in different issues.
  • If you have multiple Budget Registration Codes (BRCs), you must enter the BRC and password for the particular budget you wish to use.
  • As a general rule, you cannot cancel after application.

Application complete! You will receive an e-mail confirmation.
★If you do not receive e-mail confirmation after 12 hours, the application may have failed.
Consult the library that holds the library material. (Central Library: at Reference & ILL Section/Other libraries: at the counter)→Contact List

Apply at the Library

Fill in the "Photocopy Application Form for Inter-Library Loan" at the reference desk, and submit to the reference desk of each library.

Step 3. Receive the photocopies at the reference desk or via campus mail

A notification will be sent to your registered e-mail address when the copies are ready.

  • Private expense: you will receive the  photocopies after paying the fee.
  • University expense: you will receive the photocopies via campus mail. (You can also receive them at the reference desk.)