Purchasing Books with University Expense

Purchasing Books with University Expense Account


  • Just make the request for book purchase, and the library will take care of all the procedures.
  • You can use the purchased books by borrowing them. Also refer to 2-7 of the "Accounting Rule Handbook"
  • The library’s Budget Registration Code (BRC) is required to request book purchase. If you have not registered yet, apply for the BRC.
  • You can make requests for book purchases anytime. (note:Purchase at End of Fiscal Year

How to Request

If you already have an BRC, request a book purchase in one of the following ways:

  • Use the library online service"Book Purchase Request.”
  • Submit the Book Order Form available at each library.
     *For mass orders, you can submit requests by appending data such as Excel files. Contact the Inquiry/Contact shown below.

For purchase with Grant in Aid for Scientific Research,apply at the Academic Service Office. The books will be donated to the library after purchase.
※To request books that will be placed in the library for use in classes, apply from Faculty Recommended books /Course Reserves.

Purchase Schedule

Time for Delivery

Processing Period and Completion Notice

Faculty Member Special Loan and Returns

Deduction from Budget

Deduction Timing and Status Report

Purchase at End of Fiscal Year

  • To purchase from the fiscal year’s budget, books must be delivered by the end of the fiscal year.
  • To ensure that the budget accounting can be completed smoothly, when purchasing books with the fiscal year’s budget, order early so that they will be delivered by the end of February. Refer to Time for Delivery above.
  • For books expected to be delivered in February or March, if you want to use this fiscal year’s budget, coordinate with the accounting staff at the Academic Service Office in advance, and notify the contact listed below.

Other Important Notices

  • Note that requests for book purchase and article photocopies will be processed on the assumption that approval for use of the university expense account etc. is already confirmed.
  • Annuals and irregular serials etc. will be purchased by a continuous order. The books will be accepted as soon as they are delivered. Note that the delivery may be irregular.
  • When you transfer or resign from the University of Tsukuba, apply for the cancellation of the BRC. If there are any books or article photocopies already delivered, the BRC will be cancelled after deducting for these from the account. If there are outstanding orders, unless you cancel the order, the account will be charged when the book is delivered. So be sure to cancel outstanding orders, or make arrangements to transfer the transaction to other BRC etc.

Treatment of Books in Accounting

Books are treated as “books (asset)” or “consumables (expense)” based on Accounting Standards for National University Corporations.
“Books (asset)” as defined in the Accounting Standards for National University Corporations are:

  • Those managed by the University of Tsukuba Library as an organization
  • Those intended for educational and research use
  • Those intended for use for 1 year or longer

and include CD-ROMs, AV materials etc. in addition to print media.

At the University of Tsukuba, from the point of centralized control and sharing of resources, books are purchased by the library, and managed as assets. Books are an important property that forms the base of the university. Please make appropriate judgments in consideration to the above.


University of Tsukuba Library, Information Management Section, Books Ordering & Accessioning Section (Central Library)
 Ext. 2351, 2352
 E-mail: shusho#@#tulips.tsukuba.ac.jp (Replace “#@#” with “@”)