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Allocation of ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for University Publications

  • An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) will be allocated by the library when issuing research outputs as a publication of the University of Tsukuba.
  • ISBN is a number system used on an international scale, for commercial, logistic, and library management of publications. The University of Tsukuba is assigned the number “ISBN978-4-924843-XX-X.”
  • To apply for an ISBN number, fill out the forms below and attach copies of the publication’s title, colophon, etc. (You can submit at proof print stage.)
  • Please donate three copies of the book to the University of Tsukuba Library after publication.

Application / Inquiries

University of Tsukuba Library, Division of Information Processing and Management (Collection Development Section)
Ext. 2346 / e-mail: sensho#@#tulips.tsukuba.ac.jp (Replace “#@#” with “@”)