Recommending Books

Course Reserves

Designation of Course Reserves

We recommend faculty members to designate must-read books for exams or assignments as Course Reserves. They are limited to in-library use only in order to enable students to access these books in the library at any time.


  • All faculty members in charge of courses at Undergraduate Courses and Master's Programs (Initial 2 years doctoral programs included) are qualified to make applications.
  • Please recommend books that students must read for exams, assignments, etc. 
    -Please apply for either print or e-book depending on your preference.
    -Since the price of e-books is often 2-3 times higher than that of printed books, the number of simultaneous accesses will be limited to one.
    -Audiovisual materials, journals, dictionaries, etc. are not eligible.

Application form for Course Reserves(EXCEL Format)

Please fill out the above form and send it to the Book Selection Section.(Available at any time.)

We will contact you when the book becomes available. Please inform students by posting on manaba, etc.
Near the end of each academic year, we will send a list of books by subject to faculty members who have been designated as required reading for their classes, and confirm whether or not they wish to continue using the books the following year.

For applications and Inquiries

Please contact:

Division of Information Processing and Management
(Collection Development Section)
E-mail: (Replace “#@#” with “@”)

List of Course Reserves

List of Course Reserves