Journal Purchase

Journal Subscription (by Using Each Organization’s Budget)

Journals are usually purchased on a subscription basis, and are difficult to start midway through the fiscal year. Also to prevent duplicate orders, each faculty (division), center, etc. is asked to select their journal subscriptions once a year, and the library will take care of all the subscription contracts.

Purchase by individuals is only accepted for back issues or specific volumes.

Around June each year, the library will make inquiries to each organization about journal subscriptions for the next fiscal year.

For more information:  (in Japanese)

Using the Journals

The journals will be placed in the stacks at a nearby library after delivery. They are for in-library use.
The latest issues of the journals can be loaned to the library materials room for major. Ask the Serials Ordering & Accessioning Section for details.

Inquiries on Delayed/Missing Issues

You can check the delivery status of the latest issues by searching on OPAC. Contact the reference desk if you have any questions.

Requesting Purchase of Back Issues

Back issues and specific volumes of journals can be requested anytime, also by individuals.
This will be processed as a book purchase, so fill out the Book Order Form (enter “journal back issue” in the remarks column) available at each library, and submit to the University of Tsukuba Library, Division of Information Processing and Management, Books Ordering & Accessioning Section (ext. 2352).