Using External Libraries

Visiting Other Universities/Institutions (Request for Letter of Introduction)

When you want to visit other universities/institutions

  1. Select the library and the material you want to use there.
  2. Check the opening hours and usage conditions for visitors on the Internet etc.
    Libraries in Japan: Request from My Library > "Request for the Letter of Introduction" at least 1 week prior to the visit
    Even if the library you want to visit do not need a letter of introduction, if you have materials that you definitely want to use or if you need to contact the library you wish to visit in advance, please apply using this form.
    The reference desk staff will contact the library you wish to visit and get the permission (answer) for the visit.
    Overseas libraries: Consult the reference desk at least 2 weeks prior to the visit
  3. If there is contact from the reference staff, go to the reference desk, and receive the letter of introduction.
  4. Visit the library.→ Bring your ID with or without a letter of introduction. Also, follow the rules of your visiting library.