Library specific services

Extended-hours utilization (Otsuka)

Full-time faculty members and graduate students who belong to the University of Tsukuba Tokyo Campus can use the Otsuka Library during after-hours.

Hours available for the Extended-hours utilization

The library is available for use from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. during after-hours, holidays, and other closed days (such as the summer holidays).
Please be sure to exit the library by 11:00 p.m. (After 11:00 p.m., the lights in the library will be turned off and the exit gate will not open.)
The Extended-hours utilization service may be suspended when the Director of the Library deems it especially necessary, such as during power outages due to electrical equipment inspections.

How to enter the library after-hours

  1. Please hold your IC card (student ID card, faculty ID card, etc.) over the card reader next to the automatic door (on the right side).
  2. When the "Deactivate" light flashes, please move in front of the automatic door. The door will open.
  3. Please hold up your student or faculty ID card at the entrance gate and pass through the gate.

※If you are in the library when it is closed, a staff member may ask you if you can use the library after-hours.
※If you forget your student or faculty ID card, you cannot use the library after-hours.

Borrowing and returning, etc.

  • Borrowing → Please use the self-checkout machine.
  • Returning → Please return books to the book drops. Book drops are located near the counter in the library and next to the automatic door (on the left) outside the library.

In case of emergency...

To contact the security guard, please use the intercom located on the left-hand side wall facing the library exit.


Graduate students* and full-time faculty members at the University of Tsukuba Tokyo Campus have been registered the Extended-hours utilization service. No application for use is required.

*All Degree Programs in Business Sciences, Law School Program, MBA Program in International Business, Degree Programs in Comprehensive Human Sciences (Counseling, Counseling Science, Rehabilitation Science, Sport and Wellness Promotion), Law School students, and students of Acupuncture and Physical Therapy Teacher Training School.

Those who need an application

Those who belong to the University of Tsukuba Tokyo Campus other than the above*.
*Credited auditors, Non-degree Research Students, lecturers (non-full-time), clinical majors or physical therapy trainees at Acupuncture and Physical Therapy Teacher Training School, etc. This service may not be available depending on your affiliation.

How to apply

  1. Please fill out the "Application Form for Extended-hours utilization” (PDF/287KB).
  2. Please have your academic advisor signature and date the form and bring it to the library counter during staff service hours*. If you do not have an academic advisor, please contact us.
    * Opening hours, excluding Saturdays 10: 00-11: 30 and Sundays.

※It takes about one week after the application to be able to use this service.