Requesting Books and Articles

Article Digital Copy Delivery within the University of Tsukuba (Tsukuba⇔Otsuka) (Paid Service)

Article Copy Delivery between Tsukuba campus and Otsuka campus

You can obtain article copies by following the same procedure as “Article Copy Delivery from Other Libraries (Paid Service)” with private expense.

Copy Fee
Black and white: \20/page  Color: \ 90/page
* No Transportation cost.
Time till Delivery
Delivered in 2-3 days (weekdays)
  • Please fill in which library hold the material in “Message to the Library” field on the application form.
    Even if the message is not filled in, it will be changed at the discretion of the staff if possible.
  • Cashless payment is also available for payment. Please check here for available cashless payment methods.
  • You cannot apply the material within the same campus (ex: Between Central Library and Medical Library). * Except for the service “Obtaining Data / Library Materials for the Visually-impaired”