Library specific services

Delivery Locker for Books Located at Tsukuba Campus libraries (Otsuka)

What kind of service is it?

The books ordered through the book delivery service from Tsukuba campus libraries are checked out as soon as they arrive and can be picked up during the after-hours.
This service is for users who registered the Extended-hours utilization.
The books are in a locker with a PIN. The locker's PIN will be sent to the address registered in the e-mail service each time a book is delivered.

To use the service

  • This service is available to those who belong to Tokyo Campus and can use the Extended-hours utilization.
  • You need to register your email in My Library of Web Services.
  • Next, please register to use the locker delivery service on the ■Registration page■.

How to receive books

  • In the email you received when your book arrived, you will find a locker number and a PIN to open the locker. Please remember to write them down and come to the library.
  • Please open the locker by yourself and take all the books inside. The books have already been checked out and can be taken out of the library.
  • Please leave your locker unlocked.

Notes about Use

  • This service is available only at Otsuka Library.
  • The book will be checked out on the day it arrives. Please note that we cannot accept requests such as, "The book is supposed to arrive on Friday, but I can't get there until Tuesday night, so please check it out on Tuesday”.
  • All delivered books that arrive during this service registration are delivered to the locker. It is not possible to say, "This book will be delivered to the locker, but the other books will be picked up at the counter”.
  • If you exceed your maximum items, we will not be able to deliver to the locker. You need checked out the books that cannot be delivered to the locker during opening hours at the counter.
  • If you have already checked in a book at the counter before registering for this service, you need pick it up at the counter during opening hours.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to pick up the books delivered to the locker. Please note that if you forget to pick up the book and do not return it within the loan period, it will be overdue.
  • Please note that delivered books left in lockers for more than one month will be collected and returned by staff.
  • Lockers are for receiving delivered books. They are not for storing personal belongings or books on loan. If the locker is used for improper purposes, the contents will be removed and stored as lost property.