Library Web Services

Your ID and Password

You need your ID and password to use library web services with login.
ID and password is managed by "Unified Authentication System"(Academic Computing & Communications Center)

Your ID

ID is the barcode number in 13 digits printed on the back of Student ID / Staff ID / Library-User ID card. Please enter them in one-byte characters.
right When you try to login via "Unified Authentication System login" like right figure, you can also use this ID instead of 13 digits barcode number.

  • Students : s******* / x******* ( *is are last 7 digits of your Student ID number)
  • Faculty and staff : familyname.firstname.zz

Your Initial password

  • Students:Password is the same as the one used on the Campus-wide computer system.
  • Staff:Password is initial password of TWINS / TRIOS / FAIR.
  • Those who made user registration at the library:Password is passed out from the library on issuing of your user card.

Updating password

Update your password(unavailable time:2:30am-3:00am)

  • When you update password, passwords of all systems belonging to "Unified Authentication System" are updated.
  • Because there are some time lags with applying to the system, please wait for 5-10min.

Password reissue

A new password can be reissued for you on the following locations.
Please come in person with your student ID / Staff ID / User ID card.
★ If you have a User ID card on no photo, please bring another identification, such as insurance card and driver's license.

  • Academic Computing & Communications Center Office (Weekdays 8:30-12:15, 13:15-17:15)
  • Academic Computing & Communications Center Kasuga Branch (Weekdays 9:30-12:15, 13:15-16:00)
  • Reference desk of Central ・ Art and Physical Education library / Main counter of Medical ・ Library on Library and Information Science (Weekdays 9:00-17:00)
  • Main counter of Otsuka library (Mon.10:30-18:30, Tue.-Fri.10:00-21:10, Sat.11:30-19:50)

If you cannot come in person because you are studying abroad or you are on a long-term business trip/training program, please contact the Academic Computing & Communications Center