Library Web Services

Your ID and Password

You need your ID and password to use library web services with login.
ID and password is managed by Unified Authentication System (Academic Computing & Communications Center)

Your ID

Your ID is the barcode number in 13 digits printed on the back of Student ID / Staff ID / Library-User ID card. Please enter them in one-byte characters.
right When you try to login via "Unified Authentication System login" like the picture, you can also use these IDs instead of 13 digits barcode number: 

  • Students : s******* / x******* ( *is are last 7 digits of your Student ID number)
  • Faculty and staff : familyname.firstname.zz

Your Initial password

  • Students: It the same as the one used on the Campus-wide computer system.
  • Staff: It is the same as TWINS / TRIOS / FAIR.
  • Those who made user registration at the library: It is passed out from the library when issuing of your user card.

Updating password

Update your password (unavailable time: 2:30 am-3:00 am)

  • When you update password, passwords of all systems belonging to Unified Authentication System are updated.
  • Because there are some time lags with applying to the system, please wait for 5-10 min.

Password reissue

A new password can be reissued for you on the following locations.
Please come in person with your student ID / Staff ID / User ID card.
* If you have a User ID card without a photo, please bring another identification, such as insurance card and driver's license.

  • Main counter of Central, Art and Physical Education, Medical, and Library on Library and Information Science (Weekdays 9:00-17:00)
  • Main counter of Otsuka library (Mon. 10:30-18:30, Tue.-Fri. 10:00-21:10, Sat. 11:30-19:50)

If you are student or faculty (your ID begins with 000 or 001), these are also available: 

If you cannot come in person because you are studying abroad or you are on a long-term business trip/training program, please contact: