Library on Library and Information Science

The Library on Library and Information Science Floor Map / Arrangement of Library Materials

Floor Map

  • In the 1F reading room, general books and reference books are not separated.
  • Large books are located on the floor corresponding to the relevant field.
  • Click the stack locations shown in the “OPAC indication (location)” column to display the details for each stack location.
Arrangement of library materials at the Library on Library and Information Science

Field First character of the classification Subject / Content OPAC indication (location) Location
General works 0 General works LIS-1 1F
080 General collections LIS-Reading-2
Human sciences 1 Philosophy LIS-2, LIS-2-Reference 2F
2 History
Social sciences 3 Social sciences
Natural Sciences 4 Natural sciences
5 Technology, Engineering
540 Electrical engineering LIS-1 1F
Social sciences 6 Industry LIS-2, LIS-2-Reference 2F
Human sciences 7 The arts
8 Language
9 Literature
All fields Culture books (former public library collection) LIS-Reading-2 1F
Ibaraki prefecture related materials
Union catalog, National bibliography LIS-1-Row
General encyclopedias
Iwanami “Shinsho” editions, Chikuma “Shinsho” editions
General Education LIS-1-General Education
Japanese Readers LIS-1-Japanese Readers
English Learning LIS-1-English Learning
Python LIS-1-Featured Books 1 (Python)
Featured Books 2 We hold seasonal exhibitions with changing themes.
Juvenile books LIS-Juvenile
Chinese books LIS-Reading-3
Course reserve books LIS-Reserve
Microforms LIS-Micro
Maps LIS-Map 2F
AV materials LIS-AV 1F
Rare books, Japanese style books LIS-Rare 1F of Union of Library and Information-media Studios
Newspapers Newspapers LIS-Newspaper 1F
Newspaper reduced-size editions LIS-Reading-2
Journals Scientific journals LIS-Periodicals
Publishing information magazine
Culture magazines LIS-BR
University bulletins LIS-University Bulletin
Library bulletins LIS-Library Bulletin 2F