Otsuka Library (Tokyo Campus)

Directions to University of Tsukuba, Otsuka Library

* Convenient routes from your start location -> Myogadani Station -> University of Tsukuba, Otsuka Library
* Printable directions page

  • Proceed to the right after exiting the ticket gate at the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Myogadani station.
  • Cross the street in front of you (Kasuga-dori). There is a T-intersection with a police box.
  • Turn right at the corner of the police box. A gate to University of Tsukuba is on the left.
  • Pass through the gate. Go into the main entrance, and go down the stairs on the right.
  • Go down the stairs to the entrance to Otsuka Library.
  • You can also use the elevator on the left side of the lobby, immediately after entering the main entrance.
  • If you use the elevator, go down one floor and then go left about 15 m to the library entrance.
  • Braille blocks have been installed from the main entrance, to the elevator, and as far as the Otsuka Library entrance.
  • The walk from the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Myogadani station is about 5 minutes.


  • Use the map above for details about the areas around the university.
  • For further questions about directions and access, call Otsuka Library main counter (03-3942-6818).