Making Room Reservations

Using Chat Frames and Communication Rooms


Reservation of Event Spaces (Central Library 2F)

During times that a space is not reserved, it can be used freely. Reservations can be made as soon as the date and time, place, and equipment have been determined, for a class, seminar, workshop or similar event. Please make reservations as early as possible.

Chat Frame

  • The Chat Frame was created in the Learning Square at the Central Library in April 2016. It is an active learning space available for classes and various types of events.

    *If the space next to chat frame C ("Gallery zone on the chat frame side") is not used for exhibitions, it can be used for events.

Communication Room

  • The Communication Room is a space behind the Chat Frame that is separated by a transparent wall. This space contains 23 Zengaku PCs and 1 printer.

Calendar  Flow of Holding Event  Application  Contact・Equipments


Calendar ▲ Back to top of page

* Please check the reservation calendar of "Gallery zone on the Chat Frame side" from this page.
* This calendar might not reflect the latest information. Please contact us if you are in a hurry.

  Chat Frame A    Chat Frame B    Chat Frame C    Communication Room  


Flow of Holding Event ▲ Back to top of page

6 - 1 month before the eventPlease submit an event plan to the library.
↓ (We have confirmation and consultation about contents if we need)
The library issues a certificate of the event.
After this period, for events held by students;
By the day beforeLibrary staff members have a meeting with you about equipments and preparation.
By the daySet-up work will be performed by the planning manager to be completed in time for the event.
In the morning of the day of an event, library personnel will post a notice to notify library users of the times that the space cannot be used, and the times when it is likely that there will be noise.
After the eventThe planning manager pulls them out.

Notes on Reservation

Times that can be reserved
 From 9:00 to 21:00 on weekdays (Recess: from 9:00 to 19:00)
★ If the time of the event is after 17:00, loaned items will be handed over at the Main Counter.
★ In principle, reservations are determined on a first-come, first-served basis.
Events that can be reserved
 Seminars, lectures, presentations, announcements, etc. related to the learning and research activities conducted by the members of University of Tsukuba (students, faculty, etc.)
★ Events for the purpose of solicitation for specific groups, etc. are not accepted.
★ Events for the purpose of activities related to a specific political party or religious organization are not accepted.
Reservations for classes
 ★ If the event will be conducted by a lecturer from outside the university, a faculty member should register as the responsible party.


Application ▲ Back to top of page

Please fill in the form and contact the person-in-charge as soon as possible.

Event proposal form (Microsoft Excel file; 49KB) *in Japanese

Application form for a class (for faculty) (Microsoft Excel file; 46KB)*in Japanese


Contact ▲ Back to top of page

  • Learning support working group / Planning and Public Relations section
    E-mail: tkikaku #at#
    Or please call "Planning and Public Relations section" at main counter of Central Library between 9:00-17:00 weekdays.
    (Please contact with e-mail as possible, because the staff may be absent.)


<<Standard equipment>>
chatframeAChat Frame A
Booth-style table ×4
Booth-style bench ×8
Café table ×4
Counter chair ×8
White board for projection ×4
chatframeBChat Frame B
Square table with caster ×20
Chairs with caster ×20
chatframeCChat Frame C
Square table with caster ×12
Chairs with caster ×12
Communication Room
Wide white board ×1
Zengaku PCs ×23
Projector (attached on the ceiling)
<<Items available for loan with advance application>>


Detail (PDF)

HDMI、VGA(RGB)、DVI-D port available
HDMI cable available

Ports (PDF)
1HDMI、VGA(RGB) port available
HDMI cable available



1Width 160 cm * height 120 cm

Speaker A


Back (PDF)

1setEquipped with 2 wireless microphones

Speaker B


Detail 1 (PDF)
Detail 2 (PDF)

1setEquipped with 2 wireless microphones, audio mixer, speaker
※You will be responsible for wiring each device by yourself with manuals.


1with caster



9Width 88 cm * height 160 cm
May also be used for exhibits in the gallery zone, depending on availability.
Cork board
2W93cm H141.5cm (cork surface: W87cm H101cm, total height 148.5cm)
both sides available, cork surface: pushpin OK, magnet NG
Can also be used as a book display shelf by attaching up to 10 pieces of metal fittings (PDF)
May also be used for exhibits in the gallery zone, depending on availability.
Book display shelf

Detail (PDF)
1W93cm H149cm
May also be used for exhibits in the gallery zone, depending on availability.
Movable tables, chairsas necessary