Requesting Books and Articles

Mailing article copy to your home

We provide article copies from the library to your home for those who have difficulty visiting the library.
Copies fees, shipping costs from outside campus, and shipping costs to your home are all borne by the user.
If you request for the university expense or KAKENHI, you do not need to pay. We will inform you of the fee, but there is no deduction from individual research expenses.
It is not possible to mail to an address of a representative.  


  • Eligible users:Our students, faculty members, and emeritus professors
  • Materials:Copies of materials held on campus / Copies ordered from outside the university
  • Fee:For on-campus materials   Black and white : 20 yen / page, Color : 90 yen / page
    For off-campus materials(Average amount)   Black and white: 30-50 yen / page, Color : 80-100 yen / page + Postage 80-200 yen
    * In addition to the above, a shipping cost to your home (84 yen or more) will be charged.
  • Method of payment:credit card / registered mail (Prepaid)
    * You will be notified by email when the price is confirmed.
    Your payment information will be displayed in My Library for the credit card payment.
    please send the copy fee by cash and the shipping costs by stamp for registered mail.
  • Payment deadline:For credit card   Within 5 days from the notification email
    For registered mail   Please arrange within 1 week from the notification email.

Application method

Please apply from the document copy application screen displayed on the Tulips Linker or OPAC screen.
Please make sure you enter "Request for mail / Credit card" or "Request for mail / Registered mail" and "Destination address" in the "Message to the Library".
For more detail, please refer to "Apply Online" in the following page.

Precautions for use

  • Shipping to your home will be on the weekday following the payment procedure date (the date we receive the registered mail).
  • It takes about 1 week to 10 days to order from other institutions, and it takes a mailing period to your home.
  • If you specify the express delivery, both from the other institutions to the University of Tsukuba Library and from the University of Tsukuba Library to your home will be treated as the express delivery. Please note that the express delivery fee will be added to both.

Notes on credit card payment

  • Refrain from entering your card information on a computer used by the public.
  • Refrain from entering your card information over inadequately secure Wi-Fi.
  • Receipts and receipts cannot be issued by the credit card payment. If you need it, please use the registered mail payment.

FAQ on credit card payment

Q1) Which credit cards are accepted?
A1)  VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, DINERS, and JCB are accepted.

Q2) Is there a payment fee?
A2) There is no payment fee. However, we will also charge the shipping costs (actual cost) from the university to your home.

Q3) Do you register my card information at the university?
A3) We use a secure external system to manage the card entry and payments. Staffs cannot see the card information.

Q4) I couldn't pay by the due date.
A4) We will set a different URL for the payment on My Library and inform you of that. Please pay within the deadline. The request cannot be canceled.

Q5) Can I choose a payment method such as an installment payment?
A5) No, you can't. One payment only.