Purchasing Books with University Expense

Purchasing Books (by Book Order Form)

As a general rule, payment from this year's budget should be for books delivered by the end of February.

  • Fill in the Book Order Form available at each library, and submit to the Books Ordering & Accessioning Section.
  • For mass orders, you can submit requests by appending data such as Excel files. Contact the Books Ordering & Accessioning Section (ext. 2351, 2352).

Filling Out the Book Order Form

  1. Each Book Order Form has three copies. Use a ballpoint pen or a typewriter to clearly fill in the fields, put your seal/signature on the first sheet in the designated space, and submit the top two sheets to the person in charge of book purchase. Keep the third sheet for your reference.
  2. Refer to the examples below, and as a general rule, fill out a form for each book.
  3. Even when purchasing multiple copies of the same book, fill in separate forms if the “Duplicate processing” and “Usage type” are different.

Form Instructions

Fiscal year  
ISBN Enter the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) without hyphens.
書名 (Book title) Enter book title, edition, volume etc. For all volumes of a series etc., write the series name and volume numbers in this field. For a part of a series, write the specific book title in this field. For back issues of journals, write the title and volume number. For revised editions etc., write the edition. For Japanese/Chinese books, write the book title in katakana in the ヨミ(yomi) column.
著編者 (Author/editor) Enter the name of the author, editor, translator, etc.
叢書名 (Series title) For a part of a series, enter the title of the series and the volume number here.
出版社 (Publisher) Enter the name of the publisher. For small publishers and unusual publications etc., write the contact information in the 備考 (remarks) column.
出版年 (Year of publication) Enter year of publication.
金額 (Price) Enter the regular price (listed in catalogs etc.). Enter the total price when purchasing multiple copies.
外国価格 (Foreign price) Enter if the price in yen is unknown.
通貨種別及び通貨種別コード (Currency type and currency code) Enter by referring to the separate chart.
部数 (No. of copies) Enter the number of copies for purchase. When purchasing a series etc. as a set, enter the number of sets of the series.
継続発注 (Continuous order) 1 あり (Yes) : for continuous purchase of annuals, series, etc.
2 なし(No) : for single issue books etc.
重複処理 (Duplicate processing) Select from 1-3 below:
1 学内にあれば不要(No need if the book is held by the university) : Will not purchase if among the holdings, whether in the library stack, on faculty member special loan, etc.
2 (中央・体芸・医学・図情・大塚)図書館にあれば不要 (No need if the book exists in the stacks of the specified library) .: Even if the book is held by other libraries, is on faculty member special loan, or on loan from a material room, process as unavailable in the stacks.
3 重複しても購入(Purchase even if duplicate):Purchase regardless of whether the book is in the library’s holding.
利用種別 (Usage type) Select from 1-3 below:
1 図書館配架(Place in the stacks):For placement in the library stacks. Specify if you want to have the book placed at a certain library.
2 教員特別貸出(Faculty member special loan):For books purchased by individual or group accounts.
3 学系等資料室貸出(Loan to Library Materials Rooms for Major): For books purchased with the budget of the relevant faculty etc.
請求者氏名・印 (Name and seal of requestor) Enter the name of the requestor or the representative, and be sure to sign or put a seal on the first sheet.
請求者所属コード・予算登録者所属コード(Requestor/Budget Registracion Code user’s section code) Enter the section code of faculty, division, center, etc.
予算登録者予算登録コード・登録名(Budget Registracion Code and registered name of the budget) Enter the Budget Registracion Code and the registered name of the budget for the book purchase.
請求年月日(Date of application) Enter the date the Book Order Form was created.
備考(Remarks) For foreign books, old books, etc., if you know a store that has the item in stock, enter the name of the bookstore. Indicate here for back issues of journals.


Currency Type Codes

Currency US Dollar British Pound Euro Swiss Franc
Currency code 01 02 04 06
Currency abbreviation EUR SF