Photocopying Library Material

Using the Photocopy Machine

Photocopy Machines in the Library

  1. Fill in the "Photocopy Application Form" placed beside the photocopy machine, and put it in the reception box (to protect copyright).
  2. Select the machine type and make copies.
TypeHow to Use the MachineFee

Private expense

(By coin)

(By prepaid card)

Pay by coins 
・Pay by prepaid cards(Tokyo Campus only).
・Some copy machines at the Central Library, Art and Physical Education Library, and Otsuka Library accept paper money (1,000 yen)

*Money changer: exchanges 1,000 yen bill to 500 yen coins

*Prepaid card vending machine: Over 1,000 yen
(For Tokyo Campus)

*For receipts, ask at the library’s reference desk. (Bring the "Photocopy Application Form" instead of putting it in the box.)

Black & white: 10 yen per page

Color: 70 yen per page

University expense

(By university expense card)

Pay by university expense copying card issued by the library.

*Apply for the card at the library’s reference desk. (Faculty ID and Budget Registracion Code required)

What is account registration?
→ See “Home>Library Guide>Using Research Funds for Library Payments”

Location of Photocopy Machines, Money Changers, and Prepaid Card Vending Machines

No Use of Scanners

  • There are no scanners in the library.
  • You cannot bring in your own scanner and scan library material. (to protect copyright)

Downloading from PC to USB Memory

  • You can download data from databases and e-journals licensed by the university, and save it on USB memories etc.
  • Systematic (bulk) downloads are prohibited. Avoid saving large amounts of data at once.