Using PCs

Connecting Your Own PC to the Internet (University Members)

Wireless LAN

You can connect to and use the On-Campus Wi-Fi System. 

Eligibility for Use

Who is eligible for the Access Point Connections Service [Academic Computing & Communications Center]

  • IDs issued by the library (starting with 002) cannot be used.
    Please access the above page and apply for an account separately.

How to Connect

On-Campus Wi-Fi System [Academic Computing & Communications Center]

★For those who cannot connect

Wired LAN

You can use outlets of Zengaku (University-wide) Information Outlet and Network System in the following places: 

  • Study Cubicles in the Central Library
  • Seminar Rooms in the Medical Library

Eligibility for Use

Those who are eligible to reserve the roomes listed above. →Booking Seminar Rooms/Study Cubicles

How to Connect

Zengaku (University-wide) Information Outlet and Network System [Academic Computing & Communications Center]

The URL of the login page is also displayed on the outlet in the rooms.

  • LAN cables are provided in the rooms.
  • If your device does not have a wired LAN port, please prepare a conversion adapter by yourself.
★For those who cannot connect
  • Is your ID and password correct? →Your ID and Password
  • Is the device set to obtain an IP address automatically? If the terminal has a fixed IP address, please set it to obtain an IP address automatically (DHCP).