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Classification of Library Materials

Books: University of Tsukuba’s Books

Books are arranged in the order of the classification label (numbers and alphabets) on the spine.
The top row of the classification label shows the classification according to NDC (Nippon Decimal Classification).
e.g. Classification:140-A94…a book on “1 Philosophy”
* Classifications beginning with “Z” are annuals and irregular serials→Annuals and Irregular Serials

Classification Subject
 0 General works
1 Philosophy
2 History
3 Social sciences
4 Natural sciences
5 Technology, Engineering
6 Industry and commerce
7 Arts, Fine arts
8 Lauguage
9 Literature

Books: Tokyo University of Education Ex-Library Collection

Details→Tokyo University of Education Japanese and Chinese Books Classification Chart (Former Classification) | Tokyo University of Education Foreign Books Classification(Former Classification)
Japanese and Chinese books Subject Foreign books   Japanese and Chinese books Subject Foreign books
I "イ" General works A   U "ウ" Political science, Public policy M
Ro "ロ" Philosophy B   O "オ" Economics, Public finance N
Ha "ハ" Religion C   Ya "ヤ" Society P
Ho "ホ" Education D   Ke "ケ" Statistics Q
He "ヘ" Textbooks D'   Ko "コ" Mathematics R
Chi "チ" Lauguage E   Te "テ" Natural sciences S
Ru "ル" Literature F   A "ア" Engineering T
Ka "カ" Art G   Sa "サ" Medical sciences U
Yo "ヨ" History H   Ki "キ" National defense V
Ta "タ" Biography J   Hi "ヒ" Industry W
Ne "ネ" Geography K   Mo "モ" Transportation X
Mu "ム" Law L   Se "セ" Home economics Y
        Su "ス" Accomplishments and amusements Z