Requesting Books and Articles

Article Digital Copy Delivery within the University of Tsukuba (e-DDS by University Expense・Tsukuba⇔Otsuka)

What is Electronic Document Delivery Service (e-DDS)?

e-DDS is an e-mail service for receiving article copies (PDF file) from journals that the University of Tsukuba holds.
You can obtain articles without going to the library.
Conceptual Diagram(PDF90KB)

Eligible users
Faculty members etc. who can make payments with research funds (university expense /grant in aid for scientific research)
★Budget Registration Code(BRC) and registration for library web services required.
→See “Home>Services (Library Guide)>Using Research Funds for Library Payments”
Black and white prints only: \20/page (transfer from university expense/grant in aid for scientific research, etc.)
The fee of this service will be burdened by the whole university common expenses, not by individual research expenses.
*Library staff will scan the requested articles into PDF files.
Scanning will basically be done as a two-page spread. The size cannot be specified.
Library materials available for copying: Journals that the library holds
*Library materials not available for copying: books, the latest issue of a journal, journals out on loan to library materials rooms for major etc.

e-DDS Procedure

Step 1. Does the library hold the journal carrying the article? (Search on OPAC)

Search the journal carrying the article on Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), and find out whether the library holds the corresponding issue → Click the “校費・科研費e-DDS” button.

  • You can only request library materials with the “校費・科研費e-DDS” button displayed on the screen.

Step 2. Log in and just enter your request!

Enter your user ID (13 digit) and password (no need if already logged in)

Fill in the application page
★Entering precise and detailed information will help you get the article faster.

  • One application per article.
  • Articles that are printed in the same issue, such as in special features, require a separate application for each article.
  • Serial articles etc. require separate application if published in different issues.
  • If you have multiple BRCs, you must enter the BRC and password for the particular budget you wish to use.
  • As a general rule, you cannot cancel after application.

Application complete! You will receive an e-mail confirmation.
★If you do not receive e-mail confirmation after 12 hours, the application may have failed.
Consult the library that holds the library material. (Central Library: at the Inter-Library Loan Section /Other libraries: at the counter) →List of Contacts

Step 3. Receive e-mail with URL for accessing the file

You will be notified by e-mail when the file is ready.

  • You will need a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Reader to view PDF files.→Adobe Reader(External Links)
  • You can access the file from a PC connected to the campus network within 14 days from when the file was created.
    *You can check the date of file creation from the URL. ../20070529/.. indicates that the file was created on May 29, 2007.
    Files will be automatically deleted after the expiration date. Please note that you will be charged even if you did not access the file.
  • The password for opening the file is your BRC.
  • The file usage allows you to print only one copy of the file.

Be careful with handling of files!

Copyright Law compliance
Refrain from the following acts of copyright infringement:
  • Saving PDF files on a USB memory or PC
  • Printing multiple copies
  • Disclosing the URL to third parties
  • Handing out files or printouts to third parties

Trouble Shooting

  • Cannot access URL for file
  • Cannot open PDF file
  • Cannot use during usage period (14 days)
  • Printing is too light, or cannot read images
Contact us by e-mail during the usage period
  • Forgot password for BRC
  • Want to change registered e-mail address
Reissue Buget Registration Code Password/Change Settings for Library Web Service

Article Copy Delivery between Tsukuba campus and Otsuka campus.

You can obtain article copies by following the same procedure as “Article Copy Delivery from Other Libraries (Paid Service)” with private expense.

Fee and time till delivery
(Black and white prints only: \20/page Color: \ 90/page) * No Transportation cost. | Delivered in 2-3 days (weekdays)
  • Please fill in which library hold the material in “Message to the Library” field on the application form.
  • You cannot apply the material within the same campus (ex: Between Central Library and Medical Library). * Except for the service “Obtaining Data / Library Materials for the Visually-impaired”