Using Research Funds for Library Payments

About Budget Deductions

At the library, budget will be deducted from research funds etc. as follows:

ItemDeduction MethodDeduction TimingNotification
Book purchaseDirect deduction on the FAIR (Financing and Accounting Information Rules) systemFor each delivery

You can check in the financial accounting system.
You can check the amount that has been processed for payment. In most cases, multiple books are paid for at once, and the title of each book is not entered. "図書館図書" is written in the "備考" section.

Book Requisition Form.
As soon as the books have been equipped and cataloged, the User Support Section will send a "Book Order Slip" with the "Title" and "Amount" to the requester of the book purchase request via internal email.

Photocopy / ILL service feeThere is no deduction from individual research expenses. The fee of this service will be burdened by the whole university common expenses. - -
Journal subscriptionTransfer from the organization budgetOnce a yearNotify the transfer amount and timing




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  • About registering budget/book purchase:
    Books Ordering & Accessioning Section (ext. 2351, 2352/e-mail:
  • About photocopy or inter-library book loan:
    Reference & ILL Section (ext. 2373, 2374/e-mail:
  • About journal subscription by faculty and other organizational budget:
    Serials Ordering & Accessioning Section (ext. 2364, 2365/e-mail: