Visiting the Library

Annuals and Irregular Serials

 The materials in the library largely consist of two types—books and journals—which have separate catalogs and stack locations. Most of the publications issued as successive parts and intended to be continued indefinitely are classified as journals. At the University of Tsukuba Library, materials classified as journals are for in-library use only. Library materials classified as books are available for loans.Annuals and irregular serials is a material type in between books and journals. They are issued about once a year, require no binding, and are expected to be used in similar ways as books.

【Call Numbers】
Call numbers for annuals and irregular serials begin with “Z” as shown below.
Z 46−A
 Z = indicates this is an annual or an irregular serial
46 = the first two numbers in NDC (Nippon Decimal Classification), indicating the content
 A = the first letter of the title of the book, with articles omitted. In the case of Japanese titles, the first letter of the Romanized title is used.
【Location in the Stacks】

Annuals and irregular serials are placed in the stacks for books, not for journals. The location can be found from the call number, by removing the “Z” in front, and adding a “0” after the two-digit number.

For example, if the call number is “Z 46-A,” it will be in the 460 stack.

 You will find the Z46 serial publication at the front of the stack where 460 (Biology) books are placed, on the fifth floor. Within the same call number, the books are arranged in alphabetical order of the titles.

Example of book arrangement order on a stack.
        Call number                Book title
        459.97-Ta54             結晶育成基礎技術
        Z 46-A                  Advances in Cell Biology
        Z 46-M                  Methods in Enzymology
        460-A16                 教養の生物学

picture of labels

 Books labeled with “Reference” following the call number are for in-library use only, and are located in the reference stacks. If you can’t find the book you are looking for, ask the reference desk for assistance.