Making Room Reservations

Booking Seminar Rooms/Study Cubicles

What Is a Seminar Room?

Rooms are available for group studies using library materials.

  • Eligible users: People affiliated with the University of Tsukuba (2 or more).
  • Usage limitations: up to three hours, once a day per group.
  • Reservation: from 0:00 AM, one week before the day of use.

★Feel free to use the lounge and reading tables, which require no reservation.
★If faculty members wish to use the seminar room for classes, please ask at the main counter.

What Is a Study Cubicle?

Small rooms are available for studying on your own, using library materials. (Only at the Central Library, Art and Physical Education Library, and Medical Library.)

  • Eligible users: University of Tsukuba graduate students, non-degree research students (Kenkyusei), faculty members, and professor emeritus.
  • Usage limitations: one cubicle per person, no time limit.
  • Reservation: from 0:00 AM on the day of use.

Reserving Online

You can check room availability, make reservations, or cancel reservations from your home or the library PCs, and your smartphone.

On the Day of Use...

To those who made the room reservation: come to the main counter with your library card → We will give you the room key, etc.