Using Research Funds for Library Payments

Registering Individual budget

  • At the library, Budget Registration Codes (BRC) are used to identify budgets, and to make deductions from the specified budget (research funds etc.)
  • Apply for a BRC if you do not have one.
  • Applications are accepted at all times throughout a given fiscal year. The BRC will remain valid until the applicant (or the representative of the organizations) requests to cancel it.
  • If there are any changes to your registered account (section transfer, change of person in charge of an organization, change in account information), promptly contact the University of Tsukuba Library, Division of Information Processing and Management, Books Ordering & Accessioning Section (ext. 2351, 2352).

※For using grant in aid for scientific research, refer to "Registering Grant in Aid for Scientific Research."
※For groups and organizations, refer to "Registering Group Budget."

Available Services

  1. Book purchase
  2. Photocopy service(in-library copying, request for article photocopies from other libraries)
  3. Inter-library loan

   ※As for 2 and 3, these services are paid at the whole university common expenses. There is no deduction from individual research expenses. Budget Registration Code(BRC) registration for library web services is required.

   ※Journal subscription is only available with an organization budget.

Application Procedure (Individual Budget)

  1. Fill in the required fields on the Budget Registration Code Application Form.(Example(PDF/289KB)
  2. Submit the application to the accounting staff at the Academic Service Office. After checking the account information, it will be sent to the library.
  3. When the registration is complete, the library will send you the BRC and the password by campus mail.

※ External funds are also accepted, but check with the Academic Service Office for usage, period, etc. before applying.

  • Take care of your BRC/password to prevent abuse. The library is not responsible for any abuse caused by password leakage etc.
  • If you notice any signs of BRC abuse, contact the University of Tsukuba Library immediately.

Notes on Filling Out the Application Form

  • Although the accounting name can be anything, the standard procedure is to use an individual’s name.
    When one individual uses several budgets, avoid generic terms. Name the budgets so that they can be identified with an individual.
    • Good example:"Individual name," "Individual name (donations)," etc....
    • Bad example: "Research Funds,” “Donations,” etc....
  • For information about settings for “Use this as my main BRC,” refer to “Link Settings.”

Link Settings

  • “Link setting” is setting up a specific BRC for the user ID in advance. When you log in and make various applications such as request for article photocopies from other libraries, the BRC will be automatically retrieved. If you want to temporarily use a different BRC, you can also specify the code for each application.
  • If you want to link a new BRC to your user ID, check "はい(Yes)" for "今回申請する予算登録コードを主に使用する (Use this as my main code)".(Example(PDF/289KB))

About Passwords

When You Transfer/Leave from the University of Tsukuba

  • Make sure you apply for the “Cancellation of the Budget Registration Code.”
    The Application Format and procedure are the same as a new application explained above.
    The library will cancel the BRC as soon as it receives the cancellation request, but if there are unprocessed deductions for book purchases or article photocopies etc., the code will be deleted after the payments have been settled.


 University of Tsukuba Library, Division of Information Processing and Management, Books Ordering & Accessioning Section (Central Library)
 Ext. 2351, 2352
 E-mail: (Replace “#@#” with “@”)