Purchasing Books with University Expense

Online Request for Book Purchase

  • This service is for requesting the library to purchase books using university expense accounts such as individual research funds. There are three ways to apply as shown below.
A Request for Book Purchase page
Log in when you see the Unified Authentication Screen
You can request the library to make book purchases through the library system.
B Knowledge Worker
You can request book purchases using Maruzen’s online bookstore service Knowledge Worker. (Japanese version only)
C BookWeb Pro
You can request book purchases using Kinokuniya’s online bookstore service BookWeb Pro. (Japanese version only)
  • You will need a library’s Budget Registration Code (BRC) for the above services. Apply for an BRC if you do not have one.
  • If you have forgotten your BRC, contact the Books Ordering & Accessioning Section of the University of Tsukuba Library (ext. 2351, 2352).

Notice (for A-C)

  • When you make a purchase request, the request data is immediately sent to the library. The library places an order to an online bookstore as soon as it receives the purchase request from a faculty member.
  • When the request is complete, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
  • As a general rule, once the purchase request is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled. If you have submitted a request by mistake, contact the Books Ordering & Accessioning Section (ext. 2352) immediately.
  • Online request for book purchase is basically processed for use as faculty member special loan. If you wish to have the book placed in the library stacks, specify this by writing “For library stack use” etc. in the message column.

A. Request for Book Purchase (via Library System)

  • Log in with your user ID and Unified Authentication password and make the purchase request.
  • When you log in from the Request for Book Purchase page with your user ID and Unified Authentication password, the data input screen will be displayed with your main BRC already in the field. Enter the required fields and request for purchase. We appreciate your detailed information on the book.
  • If the BRC input screen appears after you log in, enter the code and the password.
  • If you are purchasing with a BRC different from the one you mainly use, click the “change Budget Registration Code” button, and enter the new code and the corresponding password.

B, C. Requesting from Online Bookstores

1. User Registration (for B and C)

  1. Directly apply for an ID at the online bookstore you want to use.    
    B Knowledge Worker (Maruzen) ・Usage guide (JP) * Register online
    ・Fax application form(PDF 322KB)
    C BookWeb Pro(Kinokuniya) ・Usage guide (JP)
    ・Apply online (JP)
    *The library will not keep track of your ID and password for the online bookstores, so make sure to manage these yourself. The library is not responsible for any abuse of your ID or password.
  2. Fill in the required fields on the “Online Bookstore Book Request Application”Word 34KB | PDF 70KB), and submit it to the Books Ordering & Accessioning Section of the University of Tsukuba Library. The library will contact the bookstore make the arrangements for purchase by university expense account. The library will only use your online bookstore’s ID when accepting the book purchase.
  3. When the set-up is complete, you will receive a notification from the bookstore, and be able to make purchase requests from the online bookstore. Please note the points in the following sections when using the online bookstores.

2-1. Using Knowledge Worker (Maruzen)

  1. Place the book you want in the cart, and click "カートを見る (View cart)”.
  2. On the page showing your cart contents, select "購入依頼:請求書 (Purchase Request/Invoice)" for the payment, and click "購入する (Purchase)".
  3. On the ordering page, check the box on the left of the item name, and click on "チェック下項目の注文内容指示ページへ(Go to order instruction page for the checked item)" button.
  4. A new window will open. Edit the required fields of "利用種別 (Usage type)" and "重複処理(Duplicate processing)" as needed, and enter the "お客さまメモ (Customer memo)" field if you have any instructions or information for the library.
  5. Check the box on the left of the edited item, and click "この内容で設定する(Confirm settings)" button.
  6. Click on "承認依頼確定 (Complete approval request)" and your request to the library is complete.

For other operations, refer to the online bookstore’s user’s guide etc.

2-2.Using the BookWeb Pro (Kinokuniya)

  • 予算区分(Expense type):select "購買管理者への注文依頼 (Order request to purchase administrator)".
    (Note that if you select other types, the purchase will not be made through the library.)
  • On ordering:Due to system requirements, the default settings are "Allow duplicate purchase / For faculty member special loan". If you want to order by other instructions, enter “no need if duplicate", "place in library stack", etc. in the "お客様メモ (Customer memo)" column. If you have any other instructions to the library such as express treatment etc., also enter it in the customer memo column.

For other operations, refer to the online bookstore’s user’s guide etc.