Photocopying Library Material

Permission of the Use of Library Materials (Publish/Broadcast/Post Online/Exhibit, etc.)

If you want to publish, broadcast, post online, or exhibit material held and made public by the University of Tsukuba Library, you must submit the ”Library Material Use Application Form.” Follow the procedure below and obtain permission from the director of the University of Tsukuba Library.

Usage Procedure (Rare Books/Electronic Exhibition)

  1. Specify the library material you want to use through the library catalog, rare books page, electronic exhibition page etc. on library’s website.
    • For rare books page and electronic exhibition page, take a note of the URL to specify the data.
    • If you are using the library catalog, take note of the following information:
      • Book Title
      • Author(if any)
      • Year of publication(if any)
      • Call number
      • Library material ID(on the lower part of the screen)
    • If taking pictures of library materials are necessary, only the applicant or the person in charge can do so within the library.
  2. Prepare the forms and send to the University of Tsukuba by post. Make inquiries if you have any questions on filling out the form.
  3. After approval, the ”Permission Slip for Library Material Use” will be issued. This will usually take a week, so allow for enough time when you apply.
  4. When internal organizations of the University of Tsukuba issue publications, there will not be any permission slip issued unless requested.

Conditions for Usage Permission

Overall Conditions for Permission

  1. The library materials will be used for the purpose of education or research.
  2. The library materials will not be used for purposes other than the original intent.
  3. The applicant is fully responsible for copyrights and portrait rights.
  4. On the publication etc., it must be stated in an appropriate way that the original work belongs to the University of Tsukuba Library.

Conditions for Permission to Use Digital Content

No large alterations that far exceed correction should be made to the digital content data provided by the University of Tsukuba Library.

Conditions for Permission for Publication

If the reprint or facsimile contains the entire contents of a library material, two copies must be donated to the University of Tsukuba Library. If the book partially contains material content, then one copy should be donated to the library.

Conditions for Permission when Creating Video or Broadcasting

A video copy of the created video/broadcast should be donated to the University of Tsukuba Library.

Application Forms

You can download the ”Library Material Use Application Form” (Word|PDF) here. Make a two-sided printout of the form.
You can use any format as long as the required items are included, but the paper size must be A4.(→sample)

  • Preferably, the application should be made in the name of the representative. The company seal, official seal, or other equivalent seals must be used on the ”Library Material Use Application Form”.
  • Attach a list for multiple library materials.
  • Fill in all Content required exactly.
  • Attach a copy of the corresponding illustration or page if any.
  • Attach the letter of recommendation by the University of Tsukuba’s faculty member if any.

Cases That Require No Application

As a general rule, no application is required if library materials are used for handouts for classes at educational institutions etc. Materials can be used freely, by clearly stating that they are the possession of the University of Tsukuba Library.

However, application will be required for the following cases, so inquire beforehand.
  • The contents of the class will be published as a lecture transcript, with the inclusion of the used library material.
  • The handouts with library material images will be posted on the Internet etc., available to the general public.

Using Digital Data

  • Always contact the Reference & ILL Section of the University of Tsukuba Library in advance when using digital data.
    The requested digital data will be sent with the permission slip. Consult for urgent cases.

Using Images on the Website

After receiving the permission from the library, you can download the image for your use.

Using High-Resolution Images

If you want to use the original high-definition image, you can have the image data (about 60MB-200MB per file) sent to you via file-transfer services offered by third parties.
The specifications of the original data are as follows:
  • Format: uncompressed TIFF
  • Color depth: 8-bit for each RGB (24-bit color)
  • Resolution: 600dpi
  • Image size: differs by data
  • Data capacity: differs by data

Mail/Inquiry Contact

Send your forms by post. As for inquiries on using library material, you can also send a message by e-mail or fax.
Send to: Reference & ILL Section (Central Library) (e-mail: (Replace “#@#” with “@”) →List of Contacts