Using Research Funds for Library Payments

About Budget Deductions

At the library, budget will be deducted from research funds etc. as follows:

Item Deduction Method Deduction Timing Notification
Book purchase Direct deduction on the FAIR (Financing and Accounting Information Rules) system For each delivery Notify 2 to 3 times a year on budget implementation/book order status
Photocopy service fee Transfer of sums at specified times University expense account: June/October/February Notify/check when deducting from the budget

Grant in aid for scientific research grants: January
*Health and Labor Sciences Research Grant: December

Grant in aid for scientific research grants fund: January/April
Journal subscription Transfer from the organization budget Once a year Notify the transfer amount and timing

※For the transfer of photocopy service fee etc., refer to the following:


(Replace “#@#” with “@”)
  • On registering budget/book purchase:
    Books Ordering & Accessioning Section (ext. 2351, 2352/e-mail:
  • On photocopy or inter-library book loan:
    Inter-Library Loan Section (ext. 2373, 2374/e-mail:
  • About journal subscription by faculty and other organizational budget:
    Serials Ordering & Accessioning Section (ext. 2364, 2365/e-mail: