Recommending Books

Application to purchase books from students


  • Only students of this university can apply.
  • Books which are not owned by this library and support studies and research of students of this university can be requested.
  • If you wish to request books which have not been published yet, please apply after they have been published.
  • To accommodate requests from as many students as possible, one person can request only one book each month.

Workflow from application to adoption

  1. Log in "MyLibrary" to apply from the application screen.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email after applying. Please take note of "Application number" to check the adoption results.
  3. Selection is performed based on "Adoption standards for books requested by students". You can check the adoption results from "Adoption results for books requested by students".
    *It might take some time for books to become available after you submit an application. If your needs are urgent, please use Interlibrary loan services.

Reference: Adoption standards for books requested by students(Revised June 5th 2007)

  1. The range of books to be adopted is as follows.
    1. Books to support studies and research of students of this university
    2. Basically, A book whose purchase price is lower than \50,000
  2. Notwithstanding the above, the following books can not be adopted.
    1. Books that inappropriate to be kept in university libraries.
    2. Books that significantly impair balance of books owned by the library.
    3. Separate volumes of works of literature
    4. Periodicals
    5. Special materials such as dissertations
    6. Books that can not be obtained as new books because they are out of print or out of stock
  3. Other
    Books might not be available due to limitation on budget even when they meet the standards.

For Inquiries

Please contact:

Division of Information Processing and Management
(Collection Development Section)
E-mail: (Replace “#@#” with “@”)