How to Use...

Historic Materials

University of Tsukuba library own rare Japanese/western materials.

Available Materials

When you search books and material types of "Japanese style books", "Rare books" and "Textbooks" are displayed in the detail search result screen, you have to submit an application to use these books.

"Japanese style books"
  1. Japanese literature before Edo Era (1868) or Chinese literature before 1911
  2. Japanese style books that are photographic reproductions or reproductions of1
"Rare books"
  1. Japanese books made before years of Keicho (1614)
  2. Chinese books made before 1521 or manuscripts made before 1911
  3. Korean books made before 1900
  4. Western books made before 1850
"Text books" 
  1. School text books published after Meiji Era and before WWII


How to use

[Reception] Central Library(Annex 1F) Section of Historic materials Map

Also, please contact the counter when the books are owned by Art and Physical Education Library, Library on Library and Information Science or Otsuka Library.

[Library hours] [Weekdays] 9:00-12:15, 13:15-17:00(!!Note!!Closed on Saturdays/Sundays/Holidays)

[How to apply]
  • "Japanese style books" and "Text books" --- Application on the day: Please fill out the application form at the historical materials office counter.
  • "Rare books"--- In advance application required: "Application to browse rare books"should be mailed to the address below about a week before the day you wish to browse the book.
    -> "貴重図書等閲覧申請書(JP/PDF/48KB)"
  •  〒305-8577 1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki, Japan
      Section of Historic Materials, University of Tsukuba Library

* Since the book might not be available depending on the status, please apply in advance.


Notes before browsing... !!Attention!!

The materials you use here are rare original. Please cooperate in preserving them.
  • Please keep your shoes and bags in the locker.
  • Please wash your hands before browsing.
  • Please use your pencils (Do not use mechanical pencils or ball point pen)


Usage other than browsing...

Basically you can only "browse" the books. But the following could be permitted depending on the situation. These books can not be borrowed.


Electronic image/Microfilm

If the materials have image information, you can find a link to the image from [画像情報を示すアイコン] displayed on the book search result screen. Please check this before applying to use the original material.

This database includes items which contain discriminatory or politically incorrect words and phrases. However, University of Tsukuba Library provides them unedited, intending to let them used in research based on historical evidences. We don't tolerate discrimination of any kind.
The items are historical records of the time they were created. We appreciate your understanding and responsible use of them.

Some of the historical materials have already microfilms/microfish made. If material type is "micro" on the search result, please refer to Audio-visual Materials and Microforms.