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Learning Support Books

Learning Support Books

These are the materials required to master the learning and knowledge that students are expected to acquire. Specifically, there are books for academic studies, global-related books, and books related to employment and job search.

Use the Online Public Access Catalog(OPAC) to search for learning support books.

Books for Academic Studies

  • Pocket books / Paperback
    • o From classics to the latest topics, these provide insights on a variety of academic areas. Publishers represented include Iwanami, Kodansha, Hakusuisha “Que sais-je”, and Toyo Bunko.
    • o These are also shelved in each of the special libraries. In the Central Library, these can be found on the 2nd floor of the Main Building, in one section of the Learning Square.
  • Academic Skills Books
    • o These books are useful for improving skills such as writing, presentation, literature search and computer use, as well as for reading guidance and literacy.
    • o These are also shelved in each of the special libraries. In the Central LibraryArt and Physical Education Library these can be found in a dedicated section.

Global-related Books

Please use the Global Commons web page(in Japanese only) for information about study abroad and international information about universities.

Books Related to Employment and Job Search

  • Books for Job Hunting
    • o Books include references on topics such as career design, internships, interview techniques, and business communication. There are also digital format books available.
  • Books for preparing for various (Japanese) exams
    • o Preparation books for the Japan National Medical Practitioners Qualifying Exam and National Nursing Exam are shelved in the Medical Library. Books for the Japan National Bar Exam are shelved in the Otsuka Library. Use the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) to find books related to other examinations.

If you are looking for employment-related materials, please use the Center for Diversity, Accessibility and Career Development in the Student Plaza.