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What Is Tulips Search?

Tulips Search is a discovery service offered by University of Tsukuba Library. You can quickly and easily search for a variety of materials in the world by simply entering keywords into a single search box.
It is possible to make one search to find materials in a variety of formats, including printed books and journals, e-books and e-journals, as well as information of individual academic papers.
(This is especially useful when you are not sure whether the material you are seeking is contained in a "book," "journal," or "paper.")

  • Search results will be displayed in order of relevance
  • Click/Tap the title of the material you need, and where to acquire it will be displayed
  • Materials with [Library] icon in the Access column is available in the library
  • Materials with [Open] icon in the Access column can be obtained directly

Searchable Materials

  • Books and Journals in the collections held by University of Tsukuba Library
  • Tsukuba Repository
  • Electronic resources that are available through University of Tsukuba (e-journals, e-books) *A partial list of electronic resources is shown here
    • CiNii Articles
    • JAIRO
    • J-STAGE
    • Nature
    • ProQuest
    • ScienceDirect
    • SpringerLink
    • Web of Science
    • Wiley Online Library

    Not all databases and items are covered by Tulips Search, so it is recommended to search the individual databases to perform more detailed search.


  • What can I search in "Libraries in Ibaraki Pref."?
    • You can search the collections of the University of Tsukuba and public libraries in Ibaraki Prefecture, as well as those of neighboring institutions (National Institute for Materials Science and Tsukuba University of Technology) and the National Diet Library. It will be helpful when you visit the library or apply for the Inter-Library Loan.
  • Can Boolean search operators such as "OR" and "NOT" be run?
    • Since Tulips Search runs on a cross search service, it depends on how the individual databases interpret them. Databases that do not allow operators may return unintended results, so the result list of Tulips Search may not be exactly what you want. Therefore, if you want a logically structured search, we recommend using the individual databases directly.
  • Can I search for e-books?
    • E-books are also included in the scope of "Holdings and Open Access" search. If you see buttons of "Tulips Discovery" or e-book database displayed under a book title, you may be able to access the e-book. However, please note that there is no function to narrow down the search to e-books only in Tulips Search. If you want to search only for e-books, Tulips Discovery is recommended (for more details : "E-Books").