How to Use...

Audio-visual Materials and Microforms

Audio-visual materials

Audio-visual materials: Blue-rays, DVDs, Video tapes, CDs, LDs, Cassette tapes, Records, etc.

Using inside the library

  • Materials on Central Library main building 2F / Library on Library and Information Science(LIS) / Otsuka Library:
    -> You can listen/watch them at the available booth.
  • Materials not on shelf of Central Library:
    -> Please check the location with OPAC, and contact to the main counter -> application -> listening/watching at the booth
  • Materials on Art and Physical Education Library(Art&Phys) / Medical Library:
    Please choose your desired materials on the shelves and bring them to the counter -> application -> listening/watching at the booth

Loaning audio-visual materials

Target: CDs, DVDs with clearance of copyright
Condition: up to 2 items / 3days (You cannot make renewals.)
* Requests for delivery within the university are available. Please apply at the main counter.

the loan procedure at main counter
* The self-checkout Machine is not available (There is a possibility of magnetic data erasure)
Please return to the main counter of the original library (Staff confirm status of the material).

Micro-materials (Central, Art&Phys, LIS)

Micro-materials: Microfilms, Microfiche

*Some Microfiche are not searchable. Please ask to main counter for assistance.

Using Micro-materials: To browse and photocopy with the micro reader printer

Available: 9:00-12:15, 13:15-17:00 Weekday
(When you want to photocopy, please finish your use to 16:30.)

fee of photocopy: 20 yen/page

* Those who belong to the University of Tsukuba can use micro materials bringing by yourself. Please apply at main counter.

To apply at main counter -> received materials

To browse & photocopy with micro reader pinter

To return materials at main counter and fee payment procedure
★Cashless payment is also available for payment. Please check here for available cashless payment methods.