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Using ERIC Microfiche and Item Availability

Among the materials related to education provided from the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC), most of the text of documents recorded in RIE (Resources in Education) is distributed on microfiche. University of Tsukuba Library has copies of this microfiche for all items with reference numbers ED0100000 and higher; and offers browsing and copying services for this material.

  • Can be used at the Central Library.
  • Please confirm the ED number, and submit an application at the Main Counter in the Central Library.
    * Searches can be performed using “Eric Search” provided byERIC-Education Resources Information Center. There is some full text in ERIC.

University of Tsukuba Library has microfiche versions for items with an ERIC_NO of ED0100000~ED483045.
※Items with an ERIC_NO up to ED483046 are available for use. Service is not offered for numbers beyond ED483046.
※There are some documents that are not available on microfiche. If full text is not available through ERIC, Please see the list below. If ED_NO(EDED010000~ED483045) is available on the list, University of Tsukuba Library has microfiche. (about 8.0MB)

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