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Searching Archived Doctoral Dissertations

Doctoral Dissertations

A doctoral dissertation is an academic paper that has been submitted as part of the requirements to earn a doctoral degree.

The dissertation format and search method varies depending on the year that the dissertation was submitted.

Since these are rare materials, they are not available for loan. Users can copy materials within the scope permitted by copyright law (usually, less than half). If you wish to copy all pages, it is usually necessary to obtain the permission of the author.

University of Tsukuba (and Antecedent Institution) | In Japan | Outside Japan

University of Tsukuba (and Antecedent Institution) Doctoral Dissertations

Dissertations for Degrees Awarded on and after 1 April 2013

As a result of amendments to the degree requirements, for doctoral degrees awarded in Japan since April 2013, the doctoral dissertation must be published on-line (internet). The entire text of the dissertation (or abstract), as well as summary of the review and abstract, can be read at Tsukuba Repository.

The Tsukuba Repository can be searched to find specific dissertations of interest : Tsukuba Repository
To specify a particular field → [Search Disserations by Field (From 1 April 2013)]

If you can not find the one you would like, please ask us at the reference desk.

If there is an indication like “Abstract” or “Partial text only” displayed in the Repository abstract data, it is not possible to view the entire paper through the Repository. Please come to the reference desk.

  • After the dissertation files are confirmed, on the following weekday you will be contacted about the dates the files will be available for viewing.
  • Viewing location: Specified terminals in the Central Library
  • Service hours : From 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays
  • Reproduction of all or part of the material, such as by printing, copying the file, or making screen shots is not permitted.

Dissertations for Degrees Awarded up until 31 March 2013

In principle, these are retained in printed form at the National Diet Library and at the library of the university that awarded the degree. In some cases, the permission of the author has been obtained, and the dissertation has been published on-line.

The printed dissertations in the collection at University of Tsukuba can be searched using the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). (Some of these dissertations can also be accessed through Tsukuba Repository.)

  • The search can be refined by “Dissertations” of Material format.
  • If the icon  (Show image) is displayed in Search Result List, the entire text is available.

Also refer to the [Doctoral Dissertations: Outline of thesis and Summary of review] (University-Related Material room / 377.5-Ts66) (published through 2012 fiscal year).

List of Dissertations by Field (Up until 31 March 2013)
Use this when you do not know the exact title, and want to perform a search by field.


University of Tsukuba, Tokyo University of Education, Tokyo University of Literature and Science : Central Library (Annex 4F)
 (Otsuka Library also holds dissertations of the graduate schools located in Tokyo Campus. Please searchOPAC.)
University of Library and Information Science : Please contact the Library on Library of Information Science.

Sorting Method

Dissertations are grouped by the year that the degree was awarded, and further sorted within the year group in order of the degree number. The call number for an academic dissertation at this university is a combination of symbols indicating the relevant institution, degree award requirements, type of doctorate, degree number, and the year the degree was awarded.

Relevant Institution
D : University of Tsukuba Dissertations
KD : Tokyo University of Education Dissertations
BD : Tokyo University of Literature and Science Dissertations
TD : University of Library and Information Science Dissertations
Degree Award Requirements (University of Tsukuba, Tokyo University of Education, University of Library and Information Science
A : Course-work doctorate
B : Dissertation doctorate (Katei-Hakase)
Type of Degree (Tokyo University of Education, Tokyo University of Literature and Science)
L : Literature
E : Education
S : Science


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Doctoral Dissertations in Japan

Searching the Archives

National Diet Library
Searches can be made with NDL-OPAC (National Diet Library Online Public Access Catalog).
To perform only a search, on the right side select “No registered user ID?” or “Use only search function. (Guest Login)”.
In the settings for “advanced search”, if you enter a check mark only for “Doctoral Dissertations”, only the doctoral dissertations will be searched.
Archive range: For degrees awarded from September 1923 through March 2013 (printed materials)
Location: Kansai-kan (Backordering to Tokyo Main Library is available.)
Details of searching method: National Diet Library Research Navi : Doctoral Dissertations in Japan [IN JAPANESE]
Libraries of universities conferring degrees
Since most are not recorded in CiNii Books, searches are performed from the individual web pages of the libraries at each university.
There is a useful service at the National Diet Library web site National Diet Library Research Navi : Doctoral Dissertations in Japan [IN JAPANESE] for searching and browsing doctoral dissertations published on-line.

Investigating Bibliography Items

CiNii Dissertations
Doctoral dissertations in Japan can be searched in a unified, comprehensive manner. The text of dissertations that have been released as digital content can be displayed.
The “Outline of thesis and Summary of review” of some dissertations at other universities may also be in the University of Tsukuba Library collection. Please check using OPAC.
The abstracts for the doctoral dissertations from other universities that were received during the era of the antecedent Tokyo University of Education are stored at location イ420 689- (1F general stacks).
Booklet catalog
  • 『大日本博士録』第1-5巻 發展社     Records of doctoral dissertations from 1888 to 1920.  Archive Information
  • 「日本博士録」昭和32-40年度 4冊(帝国地方行政学会, 1967)
  • 「日本博士録」昭和44-45年度 2冊(広潤社, 1973-74) Archive Information
  • 「日本博士学位論文索引」(松籟社・日本プランニングセンター 1977-81)
    Records from March 1958 through March 1976. These are arranged under terms indicating the main topic, and can be searched by keyword and author name. Archive Information

Doctoral Dissertations from Outside Japan

Details of searching method: National Diet Library Research Navi : Doctoral Dissertations from Outside Japan [IN JAPANESE]
CiNii Books
If copies of the dissertation have been published, the publications may have been purchased and archived at university libraries in Japan.
  *Some may be archived in the University of Tsukuba’s collection. Check using OPAC.

USA / Canada

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (学内のみ)
A database of dissertations and theses from more than 1,000 universities throughout the world, mainly focusing on North America. Covers more than 2.4 million doctoral dissertations and master’s degree theses.
For some of the papers, you can browse the PDF of the main text and the abstract.

Doctoral dissertations from North America can be obtained in Japan through the following agencies.


ANRT(Atelier National de Reprod uction des Theses)
An organization offering copies of French academic dissertations. Dissertations will be provided with various formats, like microfiche and printed copies. If you are a member of La Maison Franco-Japonaise of Tokyo, orders can be made from that library.