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Student Support Desk

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*For face to face support users*

  • Please make sure to wear a mask when visiting the desk.
  • Please use hand sanitizer before and after visiting the desk.
  • Up to 30 minutes for one day.
  • Please access the desk alone, not in groups.
  • Please refrain from visiting the desk if you are in bad condition.

Due to preventive measures against coronavirus disease, we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

*For online support users* ...Reservation form for online support

What's Student Support Desk?

Learning Advisers (LA), graduate students will support our students' studies.
LAs may think together with you through the discussion, and they give you advice based on their experience.

Location: "Learning Square" in the Central Library main building 2nd floor
Available: 14:00-19:00 on weekdays (Term Period)

*Up to 30 minutes for one day.
*Advance reservation is possible. ...Reservation form
*Personal request to LAs outside of the desk cannot be responded.

[Sample questions]

  • I want to know how to write an essay! (Academic essay & Learning)
  • I want to know how to search the reference for writing essay! (The method of the Library utilization)
  • I want to know how to use a Zengaku PC! (PC)
  • I want some advices about the course registration! (Consultation of the course)
  • I want to know about graduate schools! (University life)

#For those who need advice for writing reports or theses#
Please agree to the followings.
-Please bring the writing as printed matter. Writing down the LA's comments directly to papers may induce efficient advice.
-Please organize your problems in advance to tell LAs concretely.
  e.g.) About theme or contents / About writing structure / About phrasing and grammar


Student Support Desk will be closed from on Friday, February 17th to spring recess.
It will reopen on April.

Reservation form for face-to-face support

Reservation form is closed. It will reopen on April.

Reservation form for online support

Reservation form is closed. It will reopen on April.

more information…

Student Support Desk PV (in Japanese with English subtitles)

(mp4/15MB:Beware of loud volume! )

Learning Adviser Recommended Books

Shelves for supporting your learning : Booklog (Japanese)

Past Projects by LA

2022/10/12 Online Event "University of Tsukuba Student Consultation Room" PrismNo.128(PDF/908KB)
2022/04/18-06/03 Learning Adventure2022 -Introduction of Learning Advisers- -
2021/10/13 Online Seminar "Valuable episodes for writing graduation and doctoral thesis"
*Presentation materials : First Part / Second Part / Pre-questions and answers
2021/06/01-07/30 Learning Adventure2021 -Introduction of Learning Advisers- PrismNo.122(PDF/707KB)
2021/01/06 LAs help your study by video! (in Japanese) PrismNo.119(PDF/1.5MB)
2019/10/09 Workshop "How to write a thesis" PrismNo.103(PDF/812KB)
2019/10/01-11/11 Exhibition「現役大学院生がおくる あなたのまだ見ぬ大学院の世界【だから私たちは大学院生になった!】」 PrismNo.102(PDF/1.5MB)
2018/10/10 Workshop "It's Never Too Late to Write Your Graduation Thesis!” PrismNo.98(PDF/925KB)
2018/10/01-11/11 「今夜読む本はもう決めた?大学院生がお届けするめくるめく研究の世界」展示 PrismNo.99(PDF/695KB)
2017/07/26 Workshop "Enjoy writing your graduation thesis! " PrismNo.95(PDF/248KB)
2017/05/17 Workshop "How to write a class paper" PrismNo.94(PDF/404KB)
2016/12/07 Workshop: Let’s get “Gakushin-DC" PrismNo.90(PDF/277KB)
2016/11/15,22 Workshop "How to write a class paper" PrismNo.89(PDF/543KB)
2015/12/03,17 申請書で伝える!あなたの研究セミナー PrismNo.81(PDF/320KB)
2015/12/01 伝わる研究のアウトプット術セミナー PrismNo.79(PDF/1.8MB)
2015/01/26,29 社会科学系院生による量的・質的研究法ビギナー講習会 PrismNo.75(PDF/1.1MB)
2014/11/18 文献管理しナイト!セミナー PrismNo.72(PDF/353KB)
2013/12/25 TGN共同企画「筑波大学No.1プレゼンターからプレゼンテーションの極意を盗む」セミナー -
2013/11/03,04 学園祭企画・図書館オリエンテーリング「大学図書館 本の樹海」 -
2013/10/25-11/29 「Learning Adviser × Booklog の本棚」展示 -
2012/09/03-30 「Learning Adviser× Booklog の本棚」展示展示本リスト

Supporting students by Prism

Due to preventive measures against coronavirus disease, Student Support Desk was closed during the Spring Semester, 2020. During the semester, LAs wrote tips to study everyday and write theses on Prism, information flyer of the library. These are in Japanese, but please give it a try!

2020/09/07 先行研究はどう書けばよいのか PrismNo.116(PDF/977KB)
2020/09/01 論文読みについて PrismNo.115(PDF/1.1MB)
2020/08/28 資料の探し方:複数の参考文献一覧から探す/最初に何を読むべきか PrismNo.114(PDF/1.7MB)
2020/08/26 YouTubeコンテンツを用いた自宅学習 ~その1: 教育系YouTuber~/長期休暇に勉強する方へ おすすめの過ごし方 PrismNo.113(PDF/1.1MB)
2020/08/19 研究テーマを考える時の便利ツール「マインドマップ」 PrismNo.112(PDF/1.2MB)
2020/08/07 ステイホーム中の調べもの ~電子ブック活用法~/問いの組み立てと先行研究レビュー PrismNo.111(PDF/1.3MB)
2020/07/31 レポート・論文の書き方~引用・註の書き方編 その参~ PrismNo.110(PDF/1.2MB)
2020/07/29 レポート・論文の書き方~引用・註の書き方編 その弐~ PrismNo.109(PDF/1.1MB)
2020/07/27 レポート・論文の書き方~引用・註の書き方編 その壱~ PrismNo.108(PDF/1.1MB)
2020/07/20 勉強がわからなくなった時の解決法の提案 PrismNo.107(PDF/925KB)