Searching Guide

Search Disserations by Field (From 1 April 2013)

  1. Click "詳細検索 (Advanced search)".
  2. Click "一覧 (List)" on the right of "インデックス (Index)".
  3. Click [+] on the left of "コンテンツタイプ別 (Content type)" and it will change to [-].
  4. Select "博士論文 全文 (Doctoral dissertation - Full text)" or "博士論文 内容・審査の要旨 (Doctoral dissertation - Summary and Comments)" , and select the field you would like to search.
  5. Click "決定 (OK)" button.
  6. Click "検索 (Search)  buton.

* The data which were resistered by 31 March 2013 will also be displayed.