Library Volunteer

This University has had a system of "University Library Volunteers" since Heisei7. It is a chance for volunteers to be involved in activities in the local community. Volunteers offer their knowledge and skills for free to help the users of the library. They provide this service of their own free will as a part of lifelong learning.

Volunteers are now being recruited.

Please see the Japanese page for details.


Volunteer Activities

Volunteers assist in various activities at the library according to their wishes from Monday to Friday (from 10a.m. - 1p.m. and 1p.m. - 4p.m.).

  1. General information service
  2. Assistance for the physically -challenged in using the library(Refer to:the list of the service in this library for physically-challenged
  3. Maintenance of library environment( Shelf-arrangement, etc.).
  4. Library-tour guide
  5. Assistance for foreign people in using the library
  6. Arrangement of specific materials
  7. Journal of volunteer activities



Various workshops including post-trainings as well as prior trainings are held in order to do volunteer activities.


Communication with Library staffs

Teamwork and cooperation are necessary to do the activities smoothly. To understand one another, meetings and social get-togethers take place.


Magazine 「Utagaki」


July 1, 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of welcoming library volunteers

On 1 July 2015, our library celebrated the 20th anniversary of including volunteers as part of our services to visitors and students, and a commemorative ceremony, lecture, and social gathering were held. There were 108 participants in total, including the University President Mr. Nagata and university and library staff. During the first part of the ceremony, after greetings from the organizer and the University President, the library volunteers were given a letter of appreciation and commemorative gift. Then, a representative of the volunteer members gave their thanks in response. During the second part of the ceremony, Professor Hisashi Sanada from the Faculty of Health and Sport Science, delivered a lecture, titled “Olympics, Volunteer, Library”, related to the theme of the Olympics, which he specializes in. He gave some speeches about the library and the volunteers, also talking about what is needed for sports volunteering. All the participants listened carefully to what he was saying. Afterwards, they connected with each other during the social gathering, while reminiscing about their experiences of volunteering.


10th Anniversary Memorial Ceremony

The 10th Anniversary Memorial Ceremony of Library volunteers was held on June1st in 2005.