About the Library

University of Tsukuba Library Mission Statement and Goals

In order to implement the fundamental principle of aiming to be an open university and creating a flexible education and research structure as well as a new university system, while also achieving the goals of producing internationally distinguished research and fostering the development of future leaders by helping them to fully develop their individuality and skills, University of Tsukuba Library defines its mission as providing the function as the essential academic information infrastructure to support learning, teaching and research activities. To fulfill this mission, the library works ceaselessly to achieve the following goals.

  1. University of Tsukuba Library will appropriately select, collect, organize and store the academic information required by the University, in addition to providing the best possible access environment and supporting the research activities of the University.

  2. University of Tsukuba Library will provide the required materials for learning and education at the University, as well as comfortable facilities, equipment, and support services, supporting autonomous learning by the students for a well-rounded education.

  3. University of Tsukuba Library will contribute to the local region and society by providing public access, exhibits and seminars, and opportunities for lifelong learning, as well as through the accumulation and dissemination of intellectual works of the University.

  4. University of Tsukuba Library will cooperate and collaborate with foreign and domestic libraries and other related organizations to act as a base for the distribution of academic information.

  5. University of Tsukuba Library will strive to understand the needs of the University members, and work to improve the expertise and awareness of the library staff as well as constructing advanced, high-quality academic information systems in order to fulfill these needs.

Approved by Library Steering Committee on February 28th, 2014
Reported to Management Committee of the University on May 15th, 2014