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University of Tsukuba Library Learning and Research Support System


The learning and research support system is based on the Information Literacy Standard for Higher Education (2015 version) established by the Ad Hoc Committee on Support Study for Teaching and Learning of the Japan Association of National University Libraries. Among the activities to support learning and research by University of Tsukuba Library is the classification and arrangement of the support programs for multiple students and researchers according to the level and setting of the information utilization process.


  1. University of Tsukuba Library will design and operate a systematic support program to assist students and faculty members, and make it possible to evaluate the results.
  2. University of Tsukuba Library regards the support program as a part of the conditions that should be achieved (achievement conditions) by students and researchers during the various stages in the process of utilizing information, so that the setting of targets will become clarified as the support program is actually performed.
  3. The presentation and expression in a visible form of the support program by University of Tsukuba Library will promote cooperation among faculty members and other departments on campus.

Program categories

The categories represent the content and level of the support program. These categories are assigned as shown in the “Learning and Research Support System Chart” and the “Support Program List.”
By checking the category of a program, it is possible to understand the nature of that program.

Content Level Format Instructor
A. Using the library 1 (Elementary) W (Workshop) F (Faculty)
B. Searching for and obtaining information and academic papers 2 (Intermediate) C (Class) V (Vendor)
C. Analyzing and managing information 3 (Advanced) L (LA seminar)  
D. Conveying your own ideas   E (e-learning)  
E. Broadening your knowledge      

University of Tsukuba Library Learning and Research Support System Chart / Support Program List [Japanese]

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