We support various events about intellectual practices and intercommunication of students.
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Coming soon

中央 Socrates Samba Cafe 2018/04/25-2019/03/27
    (The 4th Wednesday of every month, except September. Subject to change.)

Past Events


中央 Global Chat <Multilingual> 2018/04/17-2018/07/24(Every Tuesday)
中央 Global Chat <Culture> 2018/04/18-2018/07/18(Every Wednesday)
中央 Global Chat <English> 2018/04/19-2018/07/19(Every Thursday)
中央 おりがみ講習会 2018/07/04
体芸 YOGA -TALK & EXERCISE- 2018/06/21
中央 福島第一原発事故の避難者の体験を聞く会、及び意見交換会 2018/05/21
中央 2018年度・筑波大学×ベネッセ共同開発プログラム「アメリカ西海岸で学ぶ Science and IT海外派遣プログラム」説明会 2018/05/17
中央 How to disserminate your doctoral thesis on the Internet 2018/05/10, 11

H29(April 2017-March 2018)*Click for more information

H28(April 2016-March 2017)*Click for more information

~H27(~March 2016)*Click for more information