(Releasing Friday, May 25th, The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) strengthens the rights that individuals have regarding personal data relating to them and seeks to unify data protection laws across Europe, regardless of where that data is processed. You can count on the fact that RefWorks is committed to GDPR compliance across all of the components of RefWorks including legacy RefWorks.

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What Is RefWorks?

RefWorks is a web-based tool for managing reference documents.
This is software for loading search results from document databases to create and manage a database of personal reference documents. Since it is a web-based system, you can access and manage your own document information from any location and any computer.
This service is offered to members of University of Tsukuba.


Initial Access

  • Using RefWorks for the first time
    Perform the procedure below to register as a user.
    1. Click RefWorks at the upper right on the library home page. Alternatively, access Refworks from a PC that is connected to the campus network.
    2. When the “Unified Authentication System” window opens, enter your ID and password to log in.
    3. After confirming that you are on the screen for “Next, Create Account University of Tsukuba,” enter your mail address.
      Click “Next,” and enter your name, relevant fields, and user type.
    4. Click the “Create Account” button.
      (A login name and password will be sent to the provided mail address, but, as described below, you are not required to enter this login name and password when you log in.)
  • Second and subsequent uses

    When you log in to the library web page, you can also log in to RefWorks at the same time as the other functions.

  • It is also possible to just use RefWorks through direct access from a computer connected to the network. There is no separate sign-in needed to use RefWorks, so there is no need to log in again when using the services through the library portal or “My Library” connection.

Access from Off-Campus

  • When using the remote access service from outside University of Tsukuba, the access procedure and usage is the same as for on-campus use.
  • There are restrictions on the databases that can be used with off-campus access.

Access for Alumni – RefWorks Alumni Program –

  • RefWorks may also be used by alumni. There is a procedure that must be completed via the university network during your enrollment. For details, refer to RefWorks Use Guide for Alumni(PDF/290KB) (in Japanese).

※Please be aware that if you do not access RefWorks for 6 months or more, the account may be deleted.

Supported Databases

RefWorks supports easy loading of data from a number of databases. The list of supported databases can be found at the following URL.
*Note that the list contains some paid-content databases that cannot be accessed because University of Tsukuba has no contract for access.
It is also possible to enter data from databases that are not listed, and to input your own data.

Using RefWorks

A detailed manual and Q&A page can be found at the following URL.
http://www.sunmedia.co.jp/e-port/refworks/ (in Japanese)