What is RefWorks?

RefWorks is a web-based tool for managing reference documents.
This is software for loading search results from document databases to create and manage a database of personal reference documents. Since it is a web-based system, you can access and manage your own document information from any location and any computer.
This service is offered to members of University of Tsukuba.

How to Access

You can use RefWorks in the same way on and off Campus.

Use of Internet Explorer is not supported after July 1, 2021
Please use the following supported browsers.
 Google Chrome ※Recommendation
 Firefox ※Recommendation
 Microsoft Edge

Everyone using RefWorks will be prompted to accept or decline the new privacy policy and terms of service from Friday May 25th, 2018. For further information, please check the release notes below.

Since the renewal to the library system, the login procedure has changed.(March 2019)

New RefWorks

A new and improved version of RefWorks has been available since April 2020.
 ・Importing text and bibliography by dragging and dropping PDF files
 ・Unlimited upload capacity
 ・Highlight and comment function for attachments   etc..
Data migration from the old RefWorks requires work.


Login to the new RefWorks

Old RefWorks (RefWorks2.0)


Users who created the account before February 2019    Login via Unified Authentication System

Users who created the account after March 2019    Login by the personal account

Creating an Account

Initial Access

Using RefWorks for the first time, please create your account.

  1. Click "Login to the new RefWorks” at this web page.
  2. Click "Create account".
  3. Enter your university email address and select "Check".
  4. Create a password that has at least 6 characters, use at least one number and one letter, and select "Sign Up".
  5. You will receive an activation email from RefWorks. Open the URL in the email.
  6. Fill in the fields of name and position of the setting screen.

Migrating from the old RefWorks to the new RefWorks

  1. Login to the old RefWorks.
  2. Click "Upgrade to the latest RefWorks version!"
    ※ The migration may take some time depending on the amount of data and the internet environment, but the migration will continue even if you close the browser.
  3. Click "Login to the new RefWorks” at this web page and sign up with email adress and the password that you used for the old RefWorks.

[Old RefWorks]Switching from Unified Authentication System to the personal account login

Please perform the procedure below on the campus network.
Please refer to backing up and restoring an account.pdf (Japanese / 144 KB).

  1. Click "Users who created the account before February 2019" at this web page, and back up contents from the Tools menu.
  2. Click "Users who created the account after March 2019” at this web page, create a new accont.
  3. Restore the backup contents to the new accont.

Access for Alumni ? RefWorks Alumni Program ?

RefWorks can be used by alumni.
※ If you do not access RefWorks for 6 months or more, the account may be deleted.
※ This program is conducted only during under contract to RefWorks.

Users of the new RefWorks
Please select "Alumni" and change the email address to use after graduation in the setting screan.

[Old RefWorks]Users who login via Unified Authentication System
During your enrollment, please be sure to perform the procedure following "Switching from Unified Authentication System to the personal account login". At that time, please set "Type of Users" of a new account to "Alumni".

[Old RefWorks]Users who login by the personal account
Please select "Alumni" in the "Type of Users" and change the email address to use after graduation in RefWorks' "Update Profile".

Supported Databases

RefWorks supports easy loading of data from a number of databases. 
Note that the list contains some paid-content databases that cannot be accessed because University of Tsukuba has no contract for access.
There are restrictions on the databases that can be used with off-campus access.

Using RefWorks

The detailed usage can be found at the following URL.
Please contact us if you would like to connect with off-campus access.

New RefWorks User Guide http://www.sunmedia.co.jp/e-port/refworks/userguide/userguide-rwrs-202002.pdf (Japanese / 5112 KB)
Old RefWorks User Guide http://www.sunmedia.co.jp/e-port/refworks/userguide/userguide-rwrs20.pdf (Japanese / 5543 KB)

RefWorks User Guide(Ex Libris's website)(English)