How to Use...

National Diet Library Digital Resources


Students, faculties (include part-time teachers, emeritus professors, part-timers) and other people in the university.

Opening Hours

Available weekdays 9:00-17:00.
An hour at once.
You can continue browsing if nobody is waiting.


How to use National Diet Library Digital Resources

  1. Come to Reference Desk of Central Library or Counter of Medical Library
  2. and fill in NDL Digital Collection Application Form.
  3. You can browse “Online Collection” and “Resource send to the Library”.
  4. If you want to print out, please fill in the Photocopy Application Form.

    *Black and white:\20, Color:\90
    *It need "segment number", not "page number".
    *You can get it the following weekday because it take time to revision and trimming.

  5. Close the browser as soon as you finish using.

Do not...

  • Connect any devices and external storages (e.g. Laptop, USB flash drive).
  • Take pictures of the screen.
  • Get capture data or electronic file of the resources.

Available Resources

Books Books which received before 1968. About 500,000 items
Rare books and Old materials Rare books and old materials which received after 1868. About 20,000 items
Periodicals Non- commercial periodicals which published before 2000. About 10,000 titles / 670,000 items
Doctoral dissertations Non- commercial doctoral dissertations which received 1991-2000. About 120,000 items