Library Card for Visitors


2021/12/14 updated

Starting Tuesday, December 14, 2021, the library will reopen to visitors (former faculty-staff, and alumni) who have a library user card.

* You can enter the library only if you have a library card for Visiters.
If you do not have a Library user card, you will not be allowed to enter the library. Please be sure to bring it with you.

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we are continuing to reduce the number of seats and restrict the use of some spaces, resulting in a shortage of carrel.

Therefore, we ask that you use the materials held by the University for the purpose of borrowing books, research, or copying documents, and use in the shortest possible time.

●For users whose library card expires on or after March 5, 2020.
 As a special exception, the expiration date has been extended for two years.

●If your library card expired on or before March 4, 2020, or if you do not have a library card.
 Please apply for a new user card or renewal from the following link.

When the change has occurred, information will be provided by the library web page etc.
Please see the link.

We welcome everyone to visit and browse library collections. Please refer “On-site user services”.
However, the library card is necessary to check out materials.
Anyone who meet conditions for application can get a library card.

Welcome back, to the library!

We issue a library card to the graduates of the University of Tsukuba.

Conditions for applications

  • Graduates the University of Tsukuba
  • *Who were students in regular classes of graduate school, graduate school can apply according to law decree.
    (Please apply from“Visitor”if you are Credited Auditor, Non-degree Research Student[Kenkyusei]、Exchange Student[Tokubetsu Chokogakusei,Visiting Student].
    *Alumnus who graduated universities as following can also apply.Same documents are required.
    • College of Medical Technology and Nursing, University of Tsukuba
    • University of Library and Information Science
    • Toshokan Tanki Daigaku
    • Tokyo University of Education
  • Using and borrowing materials in University of Tsukuba Library.
  • Never have been banned of issuing the library card before.
  • Not borrowing any materials at the University of Tsukuba Library now. (If you are borrowing, you can apply after returning them.)

Available services and Lending Policy

The library card is valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

  • Entering the library
  • Borrowing up to 6 materials, 3week (There is overdue penalty
    ※You cannot renew your due date, reserve and having books delivered, borrow audio visual materials.
    ※Journals are internal use only.
  • Accessing “My Library” (you can check your materials on loan and refer your loan history.) ※ID and the password you receive are required when you login.

Renewing your card

Conditions for renewing

  • You have the library card issued after June 1 2018.
    If you have an overdue book, you cannot apply.


  • You have to submit an old card when you recieve a new one. If you lose your card, you have to apply as a new application.
  • You can renew your card anytime. New expiration date is one year from the date the library staff made the renewed.
  • You cannot use your card until getting the new one.

How to apply for the library card(New,Renew)

We accept your application online. (You can start applying from the following link.)

Link to application procedure

Auto-reply will be sent after your application.
Then, we sent you an e-mail to notice you the library card is ready.

If you registered with Gmail, you may not receive auto-reply. If you do not receive a notification that the library card is ready after a few days, please contact us at the contact information at the end of this page.

Notice! Please be enable to receive a mail from "".

Receiving the library card(New,Renew)

Location, hours and Requirements

You can receive your library card at the main counters of libraries.
You can receive the card anytime if libraries open.

Notice! At the central library, acceptance on weekdays is until 22:00.

Required documents

  • New
    • ID(driver's license, resident card etc. with your current address)
    • Graduate certificate(Please prepare any one of the following.)
    • Certificate of graduation(photocopy is accetapble) Request For Certificate or Diploma
    • Diploma
    • We issue the library card to who were graduate schoool and did not finish.Please prepare the Certificate of EnrollmentCertificates of Degree Completion
  • Renew
    • ID(driver's license, resident card etc. with your current address)
    • A library card


If you have any question with application, please contact us with your information as following.

  1. Name
  2. Whether you hold the library card of University of Tsukuba Library
  3. Barcode number of your library card (if you have)
  4. E-mail
  • Tel: Contact list