Information for Other Library Staff

Interlibrary loan policy for foreign libraries.

We cannot supply materials directly to individuals; a library must serve as an intermediary. We accept ILL/DD requests via GIF-J Group in OCLC.


Document Delivery (photocopy)

We copy at a charge of 60 yen (monochrome) or 120 yen (full color) per sheet + shipping costs.



We can send with actual expense. The cost depend on size and weight of the book (one way $10~$30 usually). C.O.D (Cash On Delivery) of some transport companies is also available. Incidentally, you can remit IRC (International Reply Coupon).


Payment Method

We don’t accept any other payment (e.g. IFLA vouchers, bank transfer) except for IFM (ILL Fee Management). Anyway, please contact us at first.


What is GIF?

Our library, along with many other libraries in Japan, uses the ISO ILL system which is sponsored by the Global Interlibrary Loan Framework (GIF) project team in Japan: National Institute of Informatics (NII), Committee on International Scholarly Communication, and Japan Association of National University Libraries. Currently (2016-Dec-01) 171 Japanese libraries have become its members and they are all academic institutions. For more about our Japan members, please see:

We are connected to a number of libraries in North America, Australia, and New Zealand via the GIF-J Group. If you join the group, we can get in contact with each other for ILL services. We use ILL Fee Management (IFM) for ILL services.

This GIF project in North America is organized by the National Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC) ILL-DD committee in 1998.
For more about the project, please see:

You don't need to purchase another software package. Joining the GIF-J Group is totally free.