Information for Other Library Staff

Interlibrary Loan Policy for Foreign Libraries

We cannot supply materials directly to individuals; a library must serve as an intermediary.

Document Delivery (photocopy)

We copy at a charge of 60 JPY(monochrome) or 120 JPY (full color) or 70 JPY (copy from microfirms) per sheet  + shipping costs.


We can send with actual expense. The cost depend on size and weight of the book (one way \1000~\3000 usually). 
You are responsible for return shipping costs.

How to Apply

Please apply via the web form. We don't accept the application via email.

Payment Method

You can choose from the following two methods.

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card    ※Receipts and receipts cannot be issued by the credit card payment.

We don't accept the payment by IFLA voucher.