Service for Alumni and Visitors

On-site User Services

In-library use

  • Anyone who wishes to use library materials can use University of Tsukuba libraries.
  • There is no need to contact us in advance, except for rare books or some materials. Please refer to "How to Use - Historic Materials" for rare books or Japanese style books.
  • Please fill in your name, address, contact information (phone number, etc.), etc. at the reception desk of each library, and use according to the instructions of the staff.
  • Please check the calendar for the opening hours of each library. -> Calendar
  • A Library card is required for borrowing. For details on the conditions and procedures for issuance, please refer to each item in the "Library Card" from the table of contents.

Photocopying library materials

  • You can use a Private expense photocopier (charges apply). -> Using the Photocopy Machine
  • Please refrain from bringing an image scanner.

Using an in-library PC for searching

  • You can use the library web pages with an in-library PC for searching.
    However, the use of this service is limited to searching the library's collection of books and browsing e-journals and databases.
  • Paid printing is available.

Inquiries about the library materials

  • We will investigate whether there is a material you are looking for in our libraries.
    (Please provide information that can identify the material, such as the material name, author name, publisher name, etc.)
  • If you have any questions other than the above, please ask your institution's library or public library. -> Research Consultation