【Period extended】Free Ebook Trial Service (-Aug 31)

In order to support teaching and learning, we provide an eBook trial service.For the first time in 2023, KinoDen, provided by Kinokuniya Bookstore, will be available for a limited time..

You can try any part of the eBooks from the following eBook platforms for free for five minutes per title. You may also submit a purchase request to the library.

Titles that have been viewed or requested a lot will be considered for purchase by the library. Please take this opportunity to try out the eBooks, which are convenient for study and research at home.

Available users

 Faculty, staff and students affiliated with the University of Tsukuba

Eligible eBook Platforms

  • KinoDenリモートアクセス可Limited Time Offer! : Mondey, May 1, 2023 -Thursday, August 31,2023 】 **Period extended!

   A domestic academic e-book platform provided by Kinokuniya Company Ltd. Approximately 70,000 Japanese books are available.

    →user guide.pdf(PDF/815KB)(in Japanese)

How to use

  1. Click on the platform name above to access the respective site. If you are connecting from off-campus, please log in with your ID and password for unified authentication before using the site.
  2. Search by keyword, etc.
  3. You will be able to read the full text of the titles you wish to try for 5 minutes per title, with unlimited simultaneous access.
    (Some titles may not be available for trial reading due to publisher restrictions.)
  4. After 5 minutes, you will be redirected to the end-of-use or request screen. If you want to continue reading, please wait for a while and connect again.
  5. You can send a purchase request to the library by clicking "Request" button. Please feel free to send us your suggestions.
  6. When you finish using the site, be sure to click the "End browsing" button to exit.

 *For detailed information on how to use each site, please refer to the User Guide.


  • The eBook for the trial is available for reading only. Printing and downloading are not available.
    Each platform contains eBooks that have already been purchased by the University of Tsukuba. You can see them in the display. These can be printed or downloaded as far as the publisher permits.
  • After a certain period of time, we will select the titles for purchase based on the library’s acceptance criteria, referring to the number of views and the library holdings, the budget situation and other factors.(Please note that not all of the requested books will be purchased.)
    * Actual purchases during the last year: 1 books per request applicant on average.
  • Note to faculty and staff:EBooks that can be requested must be for the purpose of supporting online teaching and learning. Books for faculty and staff research are not eligible for this service.If you would like to purchase materials directly related to your classes, please refer to the "Course Reserves" or "Faculty Book Recommendations" pages and apply using the designated method. We will respond them as soon as possible.

Reference (eBooks already purchased by the University of Tsukuba)

 Please refer to the "E-Books" page linked from the University Library top page.