2nd Briefing session on partial revision of Copyright Act (6/18)

[Notice of Event being Held] 2nd Briefing session on partial revision of Copyright Act (Target audience: Faculty Staff, Students) (Tue) June 18th 2019

The "Law to revise part of Copyright Act" except for some provisions, it was enforced on January 1st, 2019. This amendment includes content that affects educational institutions, such as amendment of Article 35 (Reproduction, etc. in schools and other educational institutions).

[Notice of Event being Held] Briefing session on partial revision of Copyright Act (Target audience: Staff, Students) (Fri) December 21st 2018

To whom it may concern,

            Vice President for Planning, Evaluation and Academic Intelligence
            University Librarian
            ABE Yutaka

[Notice of Event being Held] Briefing session on partial revision of Copyright Act

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation on the projects of the library.

The Learning Advisers' Workshop "It's Never Too Late to Write Your Graduation Thesis!"

A workshop will be held by Learning Advisers who work at the Student Support Desk of the Central Library.
Please feel free to join the discussion. The working language of this event is Japanese.

Date and Time: Wednesday, October 10, 2018, 1:45-2:45 p.m.
Venue: Chat Frame C, Learning Square of the Central Library

Summer Seminar 2018 @ Otsuka Library -encore of the database seminar- (in Japanese)




GAKUSHIN seminar for Young Researchers(1/18,25)

To prepare for GAKUSHIN fellowship application, we hold a seminar including fellow’s talk, and hands-on workshop.

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) provides a fellowship called “Research Fellowships for Young Scientists-DC” (GAKUSHIN), for Ph.D course students of Japanese graduate schools. This fellowship helps Ph.D students devote themselves to the research topic figured out by themselves. When adopted, a stipends and a research grant are compensated.

Seminar "Manga Edutainment" (Jan. 23)

We will hold a seminar about "Manga Edutainment" at the Learning Square of the Central Library.
The working language of the event is Japanese.