E-mail Service


University of Tsukuba Library gives "Library E-mail Service" for library users who have User ID of library. Following services are now available.

All users receiving:

  • Notifications when the books you reserved become available
  • Notifications when the books you requested Tokyo-Tsukuba area inter loan service become available
  • Reminders when you are delayed returning

* Students who register their e-mail address to TWINS are received above.
* These notifications are required.

Choice recieving / not recieving

* If you do not recieve above, please check your settings are "recieving".


Followings are notice of registration of e-mail service. When you register, we regard you agree these notification.

  • The e-mail sometimes takes a few days, or dose not arrive in you. University of Tsukuba Library takes on NO responsibility about problems of delay or not arriving of e-mail.
  • E-mails of this searvice are sent from "@tulips.tsukuba.ac.jp" domain. Please setup to be able to receive e-mail from this domain.
  • When the two or more sending errors occur in the registered e-mail address, we might delete your registration without a previous notice.
  • We might use your e-mail address that registered in this service for only the library business (for example: notification of the things left behind etc.).

Registration / Change Settings

  • Please input your user ID (13 digits) and passwords if you want to register to or change settings of this service. (about User ID and Passwords)
  • Please reload this page and try again, when it displays "Please input user ID and the passwords".
  • User ID (13 digits) :