Restart the reservations of Seminar Rooms and Multi-purpose rooms for students.(6/13~)

From June 13 (Mon.), 2022, we will restart the reservations of Seminar rooms and Multi-purpose rooms for students after taking sufficient measures against the new coronavirus infection.
* Storytelling room (Library on Library and Information Science) will not be restarted due to the difficult ventilation structure.

Please refer to the information on the following page for the reservation procedure and how to use each room.

Home >> Services (Library Guide) >> Making Room Reservations >> Booking Seminar Rooms/Study Cubicles

Please be sure to check the current status on the reservation screen before booking, as the available time zone, maximum number of hours, and number of people are different from normal times.

<Procedure of use>
The representative should record the names of all users of the seminar room, etc., and keep the list for about a week. (You will be given a form before you start using the service.)
If any of the users are positive for new coronavirus, please contact the library immediately.

<Precautions for use>
1. Before and after use, disinfect desks, chairs, etc. with a wet sheet and disinfect hands and fingers.
2. Always wear a mask indoors.
3. Be sure to open the windows and use it while ventilating (be careful not to exceed 1000ppm for the CO2 concentration measuring instrument).
4. Take sufficient infection control measures such as using acrylic partitions and keeping a physical distance.
5. Please refrain from using when you are not feeling well.