Yomidas (Yomidas Rekishikan renewed(January 22,2024))

Access only from on-campus.
Members of University of Tsukuba can use the Remote Access Service.

Yomidas ※ Yomidas Rekishikan renewd (January 22,2024)

Maximum number of users at one time: 2

Yomidas Rekishikan ※Available until March 31,2024

Maximum number of users at one time: 2

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  • Material type: Newspaper articles
  • Available on: Campus
  • Language: Japanese
  • Full text: Available
  • Number of concurrent accesses: 2

A digital archive covering the entire history of newspaper publishing in Japan.
It provides an article database that includes Yomiuri-Shinbun (since 1874) and The Japan News (since 1989).
You can also use "Gendai-Jinmeiroku(Contemporary Who's Who)."

Yomidas now includes images of morning and evening editions from January 1, 2023 onward, allowing users to view the entire paper, including regional editions (excluding full-page advertisements). In addition, the interface has been completely revamped and optimized for each device.

Usage Precausions/ Notices

If any of the "Prohibited Activities" are discovered, the entire university may be blocked from accessing the site.
If access is blocked, it may cause a great deal of trouble for all users on campus. Please keep the above in mind when using the database.

Scope of Printouts and Prohibitions

(1) A User may print out at a certified terminal at one time:
 A. headline search results: up to 1,000;
 B. articles data: up to 50;
 C. articles data: up to 50.
(2) Notwithstanding the foregoing, a User may not print out more than one copy of one piece of data or make a reproduction of data already printed out.
(3) A User may print out data provided through the Service no more than two times per day.